Beams Of the Night  

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7/25/2006 8:21 pm

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Beams Of the Night

Dancing in the moonbeams
With you in my arms
Well reach new fantasy stars

Caressed by the rays of the mystery
We'll find new ways to be
Feel it as the captures your mind

Live it
As it sweeps you away
Into the world of the dreams
That was made for this night

See it with an open heart and mind
Fell it, as you eyes are no longer blind

Let it take each of us
Where we have so longed to see
In the moonlight of true reality

Dance with me in the moonbeams
Wrap your arms tightly around me
I caress your heavenly body
Hold me make the wish
Feel the power as we touch lips

As the minutes stop in splendor time
We'll reach the dreams very few find
Fly with me through the beams of life
Just dance with me in the sweet moonlight

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