Answers To A Dream  

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7/25/2006 8:15 pm
Answers To A Dream

When I close my eyes at night
I can see your sweet smile

When I hug my pillow tight
I pretend it's you

I can almost smell you flesh
I can almost taste your freshness of life

When I drift deeper into the night
Oh how I wish I could see
Just once you here with me

Deeper and deeper I fall
In the peaceful joys of dreams

I see all earthly wonders floating by
I even see visions from distance worlds
I can even hear melodies of past behind

As I'm swallowed deeper and deeper into the trance
The magic fills the sweet air

I see Pegasus and unicorns running by
Dragons and lavender butterflies

I hear water spiraling down
From the riches waterfall ever to be found

I see rainbows
Sunrises and sunsets
All in one place

But nothing touches me more
Then when I see you're smiling face

When I hear your voice it captures me so
Giving me a sense of inner control

My mind my body springs to be alive

When I have you
Here by my side

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