What wrong with 3s  

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9/7/2006 12:23 pm
What wrong with 3s

He was coming down, to see us, he would be here at 4:00pm, and the house was a mess. I still had to fire another set of glass in the kiln, and so far he had been on time. I am very busy with my business this time of the year so I had been letting the little things around the house pile up. But he was coming over and I really wanted to impress him, so far I liked him a lot.
We had meet a couple of times already so I knew that he knew how to hold a conversation "I can't stand empty headed people." After all what do you do after you are done fucking? So he had a brain and could use it. We had kissed once so I knew that he could kiss well and he tasted good. Yum. his skin felt warm and clean, his touche had the power to send little tingles to all the right places. Now we would find out if we were compatible in bed.
This was the first time with two men. All of my adult life I have wanted two men in my bedroom, not just once in awhile but permanent, "like you know in a relationship". Now After all these years of talking about it, it was happening. As I finished the house I could feel hot pulsing excitement in the center of me at the thought of the coming encounter.
My body was already hot and wanting as I stepped in to the shower. The warm water only added to the tenderness of my skin. I soaped up using the aphrodisiac soap that I had made (Thats my business I make ready nice sexy body products along with the more mundane bath products) The lather was starting to build and the essential oils were swirling up to my nose. I took a deep breath, as I smoothed the soft lather around. My breasts felt hot and full as I spent a little more time on them pulling at the nipples squeezing and fondling them. Up over my shoulders went my hands, down my long arms across my small belly. I took the lather along the long limbs of my legs, my hands moving closer to the prise. I rinsed off and built more lather up, then I went for the gold. I moved my hand down over my soft shaved Venus mound the door to some wonderful feelings. I let my hands take control. I stopped at my pretty little clit to gave a gentle tug or two, oh yes I was hot, as I pulled at my puffy lips and gave another little tug to my clit ( ok more than one, but whats a lady do.) "STOP! we are not going to cum right now, so cool down girl." But as I was rinsing the soap off. Somehow; the water wand started to have its way with me. "OH MY" what a water wand can do. "Ok maybe just a little cum," just to ease the heat some. At least I won't jump his bones when he walks in the door. But don't guys like getting their bones jump at the door? As I was drying off and putting lotion my body. I could hear him and my husband talking in the living room.
What to wear, what if I didn't wear anything. ( No I'm Not that brave the first time with him.I was a little concerned that he wouldn't like what he saw. ( I had lost a lot of weight and I have some lose skin not real bad but enough for a lady to be shy about it.) So what to wear. Well I settled on a short lounging set nice, silky and light weight easy to remove. After all it was hot outside and inside me.
"Ok girl buck up where is your courage you know he likes you, so get out there."
I have been married for 23 yrs to the same man And he loves me, all the way loves me, but I have not wanted another's touche like I wanted this ones. For all these years now, and I'm 47 yrs old, I have not been a-hunting for 24 of those years, did I even remember the rules for hunting "well screw the rules, I don't like rules" rules are the way others try and control you. Well I control myself. I do what feels good and healthy for me and them. `I thought as I walked into the living room' and there he was.
He's nice looking not as tall has my husband but taller than me and I'm 5'8" so that was nice.
When I looked at him, my clit gave a little jerk. Just like a mans dick. Did men know this little secret about women. I bet not "Oh yes our clits talk to us all the time hopefuly.
He was siting on the love seat and my husband was sitting on the sofa. with the easy chair between them. "Guys" I could sense their nervousness and knew they where at a lost as to what to do now. Well I thought. "You could jump my bones. "Ok girl down." Ok if I set with hubby, then he would be even more uneasy. If I set with him then hubby would be more uneasy. MEN! What to do with them? So of course I set in the easy chair. And we chit charted about? Who knew I wasn't listing. I was thinking " Girlfriend you need to take both of their hands and lead them to the bedroom and order them naked and to bed." But for all my talk I am just as nerves as they are. Finally hubby goes out to smoke. I don't smoke so smoking outside only please. Our friend " ok I need to give him a name I'll call him sexy. So sexy goes with him. At this point I see that I needed to take matters into my own hands. Hubby is subsive and would not make the first move. And its easy to see that Sexy is waiting for Hubby.
"Hey Sexy its my pussy and I am the only one that gets to decide who fucks it, when and, where. I want."
So I go to the bedroom and tell them through the open window to come to the bedroom when they want.( Now Hubby know not to keep me waiting.) When they come in I meet them at the door thinking ok now we're getting somewhere. But no we stand there like three lumps on a log. Ok they need a little more help! I say. " You two can stand their if you want to, but I setting." As I climb on the bed and move to the center I look at them, and finally the light goes on and they get on the bed. Ok I refuse to say what now, if these two can't get it together now, they don't deserve me and my hot sweet pussy. I think they heard me because Hubby began undressing and they got naked. "ok girl keep writing" there is something about two naked men in my bedroom that gets my blood boiling.( Now I don't know how it works with men. But for women and I can speak for womanhood on this. There are really hot sexy dicks that makes your mouth or other parts water, then there are the cute ones you want to take them out and play with them, the not so cute but works great ones, and then there are the ones where you run away screaming , and the ones not worth noticing,
they are attached to assholes.) Pun intend.
Things were starting to heat up "YA"I knew if these two could get over their fears and focus we would be fine . Hubby is hot, tall, and lean not a oz of fat any where. With a sexy big dick. "Yes size matters" to this woman. Sexy was more musculature with good body shape he works outdoors and his body shows it, and well I have like his sexy big dick sense I first saw it on friend-finder.
Soon their four hand were reach and touching, two mouths were kissing, and sucking, two big handsome dicks where jetting out to be petted and play with. But I have to tell you. (Its hard to keep up your end of the feel goods with two men loving on you.) But I tried. And oh how fun was trying. We played and talked and did it again. There is no hurry in this. When you are our age hopefully you have learned that all really good things are worth working for, and waiting for. So in the end we decided to keep the grand monet for later. For the first time I think waiting will be harder for me than them.
Stay tuned for chapter 2 See Ya L

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11/16/2006 7:47 pm

sexy is one lucky man...............
and so is your husband.
i would love to join you as well.

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