Well People have asked me why I'm called LONELY  

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8/7/2006 9:27 pm

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Well People have asked me why I'm called LONELY

I am one of the most shyest people you could ever meet.I have no clue how to meet people or what to say, you could look me right in the eye's and I would know you want me but I would come up with some excuse to blow it or make them start checking someone else out.I know that is one of my fault's and I am working on it, that is one of the reason's that I am here and my profile say's not into meeting in person.At the same time I am one of the most fun and nicest people you could ever meet.For christ sak's my x wife had to take me out and get me drunk to get anywere with me after trying for about 1yr, very good lady by the way,we are still friend's.It's not that I don't want to be with someone or like them. I guess that it is because I grew up to fast,saw a lot of hurt and don't want to put myself in that possition.I am one of those people that if I give myself to someone it is real and not a game,I love with my heart not my head not that sometime's I wouldn't like to but I won't let myself, to me it must be from the heart.I have had people want me but than you here them talking about how hot he is and it is like a prize to them.Is that what I am A prize I ask myself, when my x and I got together I still don't know or care but she was about 225-250 pound's,I hope she never see's this.My friend's would ask me why are you with her,she is a cow, you can have anybody you want, I would reply I love her, but anyway I fell in love with her because of what was inside of her,the goodness the happyness the love she careyed inside of her the soul, the real love she had for me,not just the body, not that I am all that becuse I know I'm not.I have only found a few people like that way in my life and I will alway's have love in me for them.I may find 1 in 100 people that I am really atracted to,I am old school it is love at first sight I guess I am drawn to them.I'm kinda like a dog that way,I can smell them in the air see right through them into there soul and mind.Dam I'm freeking myself out.But you get the drift I hope.So I dicided to come here and learn how to be a little more easy going you might say And I do have a little perve side of me that is knocking in my head that want's out,ok a big one.I say thing's like they are and it scare's some people, I don't mean it to. But I need to find myself and what I need in life to make it whole,there is something missing a blank a hole.That is also why my profile say's at least we know what to expect,because the last thing I want to do is hurt someone's feeling's or soul and why I won't play with people that live to close to me and who know's I might, if they were right. If that made any sence, but in real life or more to the point in person I or they could get hurt or to close,Hell I don't even know who I am yet.Who know's I might even find love at first sight, anything is possable, life and love are strange thing's.Well I hope That has answered there question's and I haven't scared the shit out of anyone,Because after reading this over I'm kinda tripping out myself.I will tell you one thing I am getting one hell of a education here I thought I was kinky and that knocking is now pounding LOL.

P.S> For everyone else's info I am Bi not gay,not that it matter's anything or anyone is cool with me,Well almost I'm not that kinky,just mean's I have more of a chance to get layed and you don't haha LOL.Take care everyone.

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