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This is a poem I wrote when I was thinking and lonely and trying to figure out life, IT IS HALF MINE AND HALF SOMEONE ELSE'S WORK< I think it is pretty much to the point
Two people meet ,they get to talking,they like you you like them and they like you but you say nothing, Because people might here or see or what would people think,or you are scared,or have been hurt too many time's in the past or you are just shy.

I believe myself to be someone that think's beyond this relm,to see myself in the clearest picture I can,I know my fault's, I find a better path from them. To see my strenght's and go forward upon the road. I also know I was born sensual,as well as sexsual the smell of a man or woman the touch; the sound of his or her voice move's me, when I was lucky enough to see his or her reflection.

Since the begining of time man has been the domonite physical power, they have ruled and protected the households.I belive this to be the natrual way.Women have had there own power; they provide tending to the household and the family and in today's time's sometime's much more. The most submissive women by today's standard's is still the most powerful force of nature , because she is a women first. Animal's are the most instinctual, By the fact they are Animal's, If they see something they like or want they go for it.

I do tell you to also remember,That a king or queen that rule's too harshly, end's up with a revolt on his or her hand's.

A true man or women, Rule's with love, compassion, empethy,mercy and conviction.

Life after the rush of infatuation.Can at time's be both; the greatest joy of your life and the hardest journey you will both undertake. Even if madly in love, Two soul's can and will, I'm sure. Encounter peril's along life's journey's. That is what difine's us,as human's,as soulmate's,as survivor's. Seeking sanctuary in your lover's arm's,heart and mind, is what true love is about I think in part.

True love to me , is the knowledge that my soulmate know's my short coming's, yet he or she is willing to accept them and guide me thru the change's.

It is often said, that we cannot change people; This is a fallacy to a point, change is what human race have been doing since the begining of time . If human's have not been able or willing to change with the time's, We would be extinct. Change is merly learning. Learning a new approach to life, but people have to want to change, you can not make them.

I don't look at changing myself as a compromise of my own beliefe's but a chance to learn and grow. If one does not change for the better of oneself and one's soulmate. How can you both have total understanding and acceptance. You must look inside of your heart, mind and soul and there's, Too find true love, We all grow old but if you find beauty in the heart and mind and soul, you will allway's have gold.


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