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I see a little boy that never really had the chance to learn and grow or be loved to a point, From the heart and soul, the way every child need's and deserve's.I see a little boy that is so scared to make friend's and be loved, that he will do anything to push them away or make them not like him, Because he is so scared of being hurt or used.I see a little bot that is so angry and hurt and unable to trust anyone inside, that he lash's out at people and not even give them the chance to see if they are true, because he is so used to being used or hurt or lied to or he is just scared.I see a little boy inside, that has Tryed his whole life to be the best friend and person that he can be only to find out that he may not be.I see a little boy that has been beaten, druged up and rapped,lied to, used, hurt, left to fend for himslf and sometime's lost the will to live.I see a little boy that, has such a big loving heart that is made of gold, But do's not know how to use it.I see a little boy that cry's himself to sleep to really be loved and sometime's for no reason at all. I see a little boy, that until he was 29YRS old held all the pain and hurt inside and never cryed no matter how hurt he was inside or out. At the same time as strange as it sound I thank God for everything that has happened to me in my life, even the bad one's because it has made me the person that I am today , someone that can take a step back and try to look at people and thing's through there eye's and try to help people not make the same mistake's, that have happened to me or I have made. To try to see the world and thing's in a new light or way of thinking. To allway's be there for people and lissen and help if I can.Someone that can cry's when he need's to. Someone that take's the time to take someone that he love's to the beach to see a sunset and see the world in a new light and expected nothing in return, just to see there face and soul get opened a little. Someone that will take the time to lissen to a child, watch out for them or just help them learn and grow to be the best person that they can be and see the beauty all around them and inside of them. To never lash out or get mad to the point that I want to kick there ass or worse, no matter how mad or hurt I get. To allway's try to never hurt or use anyone, but to take a step back and try to make them look inside of themself's and change it, because you can't do it for them , they have to want to do it, or they will never truly see or change. Just today I had someone that marked 1 thing and wrote a comment, That made me breakout in tear's and I love and thank her for that. But most of all I need to learn how to love and take time for myself and to stop and smell the rose's. May god allway's shine in and on everyone and may you learn how to see it and use it.


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