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Jason, live's in a beautiful cabin in the mountain's all alone, that he built from the ground up. He is 29yrs old very good looking,with light brown hair,strong looking body and very tan skin. He just finished tending to his horse and animal's.
It was a beautiful day. The sun was just comming up.
He think's to himself, I think I am going to go for a walk to see the sunrise by the waterfall.
As he walk's he is thinking how nice it would be to have someone to be with, He get's closer to the waterfall that is only about 1/2 mile away from his cabin, When he here's the beautifull sound of someone singing.
He move's up very quietly as to not scare them. he look's from behind a bush and see's the most beautiful girl he has ever seen in his life.
she is about 25yrs old,blonde hair and a stuning body, standing under the waterfall naked, Taking a bath and singing.
He can't help himself not to hide and watch her.
Just then she finish's, she move's over to a big smooth rock, that is right by the waterfall. She sit's down. The mist from the waterfall is making a rainbow color's around her and making her skin glisen in the light.
Just then she start's to play with herself, rubbing her smooth, tan, soft looking skin.She start's to rub her breast's and playing with her nipple's, Her hand slowly move's down her chest, rubbing her beautiful tan leg's and iner thigh's.
She lay's back on the smooth rock, slowly moving her leg's apart. He can see that she has a beautiful shaven pussy.As she start's to move her finger's around her pussy, she start's to moen ever so lightly.
His cock start's to grow in his pant's as he watch's.He can't help himself, he start's to rub himself, ever so lightly.Just then he say's to himself I must say hi to her.So he try's his best to hide his erection as best as he can.
He move's from behind the bush, toward her as to not scare her, still watching her make love to herself.As he get's closer he say's hello, She is startaled, she start's to get up for her cloth's.
He say's please don't, I won't hurt you. She look's at him and can tell he meen's her no harm. He ask's please tell me your name, she smile's and say's it's Kirsten, He say's that is a nice name. What are you doing all the way up here? She say's I just needed to get away, from the world and everyone.She say's, what are you doing all the way up here, I thought I would be alone I am sorry. He say's please don't be, I live alone and have a cabin about 1/2 mile away.
Just then she see's his erection in his pant's and let's out a little smile, He know's that she has seen it. She ask's how long have you been watching me? He blush's a little and say's, As you can tell long enough. She let's out a little giggle. Just then she see's how hansome he is and say's would you like to join me?
He say's please that sound's nice,if you wouldn't mind.Kirsten say's, no I wouldn't mind. So he start's to take his shirt off, The mist from the waterfall hit's his skin making it glissen too, she let's out a small mmm, He smile's at her. He start's to undo his pant's very slowly. As he pull's them off slowly, she can see his big hard cock about 8in and thick. He can tell she like's what she see's, because her nipple's just got harder and she let's out another small mmm.
As he move's closer, She start's to breath heavyer, He can tell she really like's him.
She move's back toward the waterfall and rock, As he move's even closer he say's, may I touch you.
She say's please, He start's to reach out, Putting his hand on her waist slowly moving it up to her breast's. She let's out a mmm, closing her eye's
and moving her head from side to side. As he start's to feel her soft smooth breast's, She open's her eye's and reaches out to his waist and chest and does the same, She can feel that he has a strong, soft, muscular chest. As she move's back to lay on the rock, she pull's him with her. they sit down and start to kiss and feel each other's bodys.She lay's him back on the smooth rock and start's to suck on his big beautiful cock, he let's out a mmm. she start's to run her hand up and down his legs,iner thighs and chest. After she is finished, He starts to nibble on her neck and ear lobe, then lay's her softly on the smooth rock and runs his tounge around her nibbles then down her brests and tummy. She lets out a mmm. He moves down to her iner thighs and to her sweet shaven pussy, he start's licking slowly, playing with her clit, tasting her sweet flavor. She starts to breath hard and moan, closing her eyes,moving her head from side to side feeling the pleasure he is giving her. They start to feel each other's body's,running there tounge's and nibbling around very slowly then kissing feeling all of the pleasure they are giving each other. They both let out a little mmm this time. As he start's to penetrate her very slowly, she start's to moan and close's her eye's again moving her head from side to side again, feeling every bit of him and the pleasure he is giving her.The sun shines down on the mist and makes beautiful colors and a rainbow in the sky. They start to make beautiful love together, running there hand's up and down each other with all the heart and soul they can.
They make love all day, until the sun start's to set. When they are finished, they just lay on the smooth rock in each other's arm's watching the sunset until it is all the way down. After it disapears in the distance he say's, would you like me to walk you back to your camp or would you like to come back to my cabin with me?
She say's there is nothing at my camp for me, If you do not mind I would love to go back to your cabin with you, They get up together walking hand in hand back to the cabin and live happly ever after.


I'm still fixing it slowly.Well you wanted to see some of my storys LOL

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Awesome story!


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Thank you Countrygirl BIG HUG'S Well I stopped to smell the rose's today too THX


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