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8/24/2006 10:38 pm

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Were do I start MMM. First of all I mean to NOT offend anyone.
I am a very old school person, I have a very true good heart I allway's mean the best sometime's I mess up or it come's out all wrong, but we are only human.
I do not belive you can find true love on a computer, Yes it is great for making great friend's and playing but not true love. I have put in my profile that I do not want to meet anyone in person and that is true.
Because I am not ready inside to love again + I am still in love with someone that I should have never let get away but that is another story witch I will not get into.
Do you remember the first time you fell in love or liked someone the way you felt inside, the way when they would be near you.
You would get hot and your tummy would start to qwiver, the way you could smell them in the air. The way you could not wait to see them again or you could look in there eye's and see the love and true care they had for you. the way they would touch you and your body would get a chill up it or the way there body would feel when you hold them or just get near them.
It is still like that for me but as strange as it sound's I am scared to death to love again and let myself go, so I mess it up or don't try.
I love to play and make great friend's and yes be a perve at time's, that is why I am here and some of you are.
People are not true to themself's or other's these day's and you can never tell until you look them in the eye's, people can write what they want to get a disirerd response or reaction but you can never tell until you look them in the eye's and you can feel it in the air and around them.
With idea's like mine I may allway's be alone but that is ok because MOST of the time I am happy and make do.
I don't mind being alone but to love and be hurt or used just for sex is not worth it to me.
One day I might find someone that want's to be with me and love's me for me and I can wait a life time if need be or maybe I will find lost love I had for someone I do not know. You never know what love and life hold's instore for you, it is too strange a thing.
When I talk to people it is real and true but when I play, (I do not mean to sound harsh or crule) but when I play on here it is to fill there need's and mine at the time but it is not really true , yes you might like someone and care for them but it is not true.
That can only be done in person and I am still the type that belive's in love at first site, when you walk down the street and see someone and they see you and you are drawn to them as they are to you. But love can not be done on a computer only filling each other's need's can be done or just making great friend's. I have tryed ONCE in my life to have sex with someone I just liked and I could not do it,I had to find a way to end it yet not hurt there feeling's because it was my head not there's it must be from the heart and soul. Well I hope I have not messed up my chance's to play on here with anyone but that is what computer love is to me. Sorry I don't mean to hurt or offend anyone or direspect anyone we all have a diffrent look on life and love this was just another one. Take care everyone.

P.S.> You can not cheat on a computer because it is not real or true.I don't mean to sound like all that becuse I'm not but if I give myself to someone in real life they should feel pretty special.

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8/25/2006 5:12 am

I agree with you. I don't cam because of just that, it's not real. They invented BOB for a reason, right?


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Thank you both and to tell you the truth I haven't camed yet and after posting this probably never will have a chance to try LMAO
But I can still watch people and play with myself


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