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9/2/2007 6:40 am

Many couples, straight or lesbian, use cunninglus as a means to greatly enhance their sexual experience and pleasure. In case you haven't used it so far, or don't know how to do it properly, and are still reluctant to use it, here you can find some good thoughts on how to do it like an expert. The method below was used on so many women, that all turned this experience into a highly refined orgasm, and even a multiple one. You can consider it the universal method, it's how most people perform oral sex on their female partner.
First, you should know that lots of women are shy about their body. Your partner needs to be told she is beautiful and re-assured that there is nothing wrong with her body, in case she has a sort of disability or not so great body. Especially tell her you love her great legs. Make her trust you and feel comfortable with you in bed.
When you start to touch and caress her, don't go down straight to her sex, start slowly to caress her other erogenous zones of her body, and kiss her gently. Have in view her face (lips, eyes, neck, etc.), breasts, belly, and only after that her legs. If you turn her on by doing that, prior to the licking part itself, you've "won half the battle", i.e. she now wants you! Take a good look, with admiration, between her legs: it's great, isn't it? Adore her sex, because it will bring you a lot of pleasure.
Her pussy is unique. Learn to love it, in case you accidentally still don't, and tell her why you particularly like her sex. Women like to hear nice words, especially if they are true, so don't be shy and tell her what you like. Caress her sex gently, she will like it for sure, any girl likes her sex to be caressed. After you caress her pubic hair, continue with her labia, and with her inner lips. Don't forget at this time to already have your finger(s) wet, if they are not make them wet (put them into your mouth, or if she accepts it, in her mouth). Don't start to rub, even gently, with a dry finger! It's unpleasant for her, and you'll ruin the evening. Gently insert a finger or two inside her sex, you'll also see how wet she is (or not yet!) and your finger will stay wet this way. Even if you start to see her clit (which for most women is small and hidden, when not aroused), don't touch it yet. You can start by now to kiss her inner side of the legs. Don't rush with that, if you want to lick your lover's sex for HER pleasure too, and not only for yours, you have to make her reach that moment when she becomes totally aroused, just waiting for your tongue to fulfill its mission. When you kiss her (and here you can play in many ways, according to your imagination), come closer to her vulva, and start licking her inner lips and stick your tongue inside her. Think of inserting your tongue inside her as if it were your penis, and move it inside and outside. It's a sort of making sex to her with your tongue. Although she will not feel as great as when her clit is licked, it will arouse her so much that it will open your way to her big prize, the clit. Generally, licking the clit only drives her to orgasm. Take care not to touch her genital area (especially the inner side or clit) with your beard or moustache, it may be unpleasant for her; ask her if it so - if you are not freshly shaved avoid this by placing your fingers or hand between your mouth and her sex (cutting the moustache/beard's contact with her sex), and let only your tongue and lips make the oral contact. After this phase, you can now lick a bit her clit, just a bit, give her the sensation of a great achievement, that things are on the right track. Kiss very gently her clit, very gently, then start to lick on it. Not fast at all at the beginning, but in time increase the speed of your licking, you'll see she will respond to it. She will even tell you when to go faster, and not stop. It will take some time until she reaches orgasm, so you need to be good or trained in this. When you reached the phase of accelerated clit licking, don't stop or take your tongue off it. I suggest you kiss her clit and the small area around, and while sucking it (aspiring it) gently in your mouth (don't touch it with your teeth!) lick it. So, lick while having it aspired inside your mouth. And move your tongue with her body (i.e. move and don't break the contact of your tongue with her clit), don't fight her. If you need to take a break for your heroic tongue, do it by replacing your tongue with a finger (already wet - before resting the tongue insert your finger inside her wet vagina or inside your mouth), so that you always maintain a contact with her clit (and fast rub, as well). When you are ready to use your tongue again, replace the finger by the tongue. If you think to continue only with your finger, forget it (if you are not that exhausted, and want her to have a great time). A tongue is much better than a finger! In the meanwhile you can also spread her legs more (gently), if you want so, she will agree to that with no opposition. By no means you are allowed to stop until she reaches orgasm. Even then, continue until she tells you to stop. She can easily have a second or even third orgasm, so even if it's tough for you to go on for such a long time, she will be so greatful in the end that she'll call you for more in the future, and you also might get a good fellatio in return!
You can add to this also fingers insertion (2 is the best, not 1, not 3). Some women do not like to have fingers inserted in their vagina. If so, they will take your fingers from there with their hands. But you can try. If she doesn't remove your fingers, then she surely likes it, and this way is a better stimulation than with a tongue alone, or even than normal sex. Just make sure that your fingers are not rough, in case you have performed rough manual work in your life. It would be unpleasant for her. In such a case, better use the backside of your fingers, even for caresses on her body, not only in the vaginal area. Or instead of fingers (be it rough or piano-player type) you can use a dildo, your nose (or even forehead), or you can caress or insert a finger in her anus. Again, if she agrees. Just remember here, that once you insert a finger in her anus, don't re-insert it later in her vagina! It will cause infection for her. So, be creative, especially if you have a long term partner, diversify your sex life so both do not get bored, e.g. pour some Chantilly-type cream on her pussy (just like you would like some pudding on your penis during a fellatio), some wine or champagne, and lick both her sex and the added "ingredient". Prior to engaging in pussy eating, you can give her a banana to suck on it erotically, so you can enjoy this scene visually. And afterwards, you can caress her body and sex with a (previously cleaned, of course) rose or feather, the options are countless, as you can see!
After she tells you to stop since all her genital area got sensitive, remember to still gently caress her breasts and body, and kiss her face. Don't do it very passionately, or she will "burn" again for a sex session, but just to make her comfortable after sex. Women need that a lot. Men don't, but women do, remember that! Women like sometimes to continue cunnilingus with intercourse, but sometimes not, and just enjoy the recent orgasm(s). She'll tell you to continue by penetrating her, if this is what she wants, if not she will not tell you this. So, in case you haven't finished, you can go on with a normal intercourse, she will normally like to continue the nice sensation (only in case her clit has not become too sensitive).
If you do all that, and "feel" the responses of your lady (encourage her prior to engaging sex to tell you what she wants and how she wants, to describe it), then you won her respect and you can consider yourself a Ph. D. graduate in oral sex upon a woman.
So, remember:
Don't use your teeth at all, don't blow into her sex, act according to her responses to your stimulation, and once you started the fast rhythm don't let go on her clit until she reaches orgasm (or multiple orgasm). Encourage her to tell you what she needs and when she's about to have an orgasm. Get some air, especially if you prefer facesitting (you lying under her, and her pussy above your mouth and tongue, even pressing a bit on them). In case of facesitting, put a pillow under your head, or your neck will get very tensed, and especially make her rub back and forth against your tongue that you keep outside (with her sex and clit). She will do it lousily at the beginning, since women are not used with this unnatural kind of motion for them, but you can move her with a hand on her butt and a hand on her pubic hair, until she gets the move or reaches orgasm. Now that you know all the theory, practise what you have just learned and drive your partner crazy. Good luck.

PrincessnBigDady 44M/49F

9/4/2007 4:32 pm

Excellent tips there, a girl's gotta keep her skills up Great posting!

gentlytouchingyu 65M

12/19/2009 8:27 am

Well written. Thank you.

Sex without fear and guilt, is like food without taste.
Marquis de Sade

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