hmmm a neeew blogg?  

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5/24/2005 11:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

hmmm a neeew blogg?

BLOG! wow what can i say, i found the BLOG! what a strange word that is. IN anycase, I should start with the standard "Why am I here" clause. Really what got my attention was a certain hotlist person ..winky winky Im not sure if she would even be interested, but from the bottom of my heart I truely hope so...and its more than just a sexual encounter that has gotten my little heart-a-sputtering.

Of course for those of us who have true intents Im sure that goes without saying. I guess I am a little of a softy romantic....with a bit of crazy untamed sex drive that comes from being 24!! I have been lucky enough to have travelled the world once or twice over... and its taught me a lot about life. There is just a sense of adventure, something new and I think she gets it.

So would she be interested? I dont know.. but maybe a wink could spark something new!

If there would be anyone out there that could help I would be writing this blog to enlist your expertise.


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