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11/16/2005 8:00 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Yeah you..The one reading this post.....~shakes a finger~ Yeah you once again....So you go around reading members Blogs but ya don't leave a comment. Now thats sorta like comin to muh house and forgetting to at least bring a bottle of wine for the hostesses with the mostest.

HMMM What are you thinking? Yanno I got a degree in psychology. I know what is a girl with a degree in psychology even on AdultFriendFinder for? Maybe I am doing an experiment on the SEXUAL DRIVE OF BEAST. Hell I don't know. Maybe I am a SHMUCK. Maybe I am the female version of Dumbass. I DUNNO..SHIT..........

I come on here get my heart broken or get a fucking guilt trip after sex...YEAH PEOPLE...last weekend CHICA got a guilt trip. Ok so the guy wanted NO STRINGS ATTACHED.....

Well Chica gets a I gotta go get this girl tomorrow morning from the aiport for something blah blah..Made chica feel bad for the poor bitch...Then the other doo doo bird said awww i feel bad because I just seperated from my wife...THEN WHY THE FUCK U GOT A FUCKING PROFILE ON AdultFriendFinder BOTH OF YOU DUMBASSES ACTUALLY AND THEN PULL GUILT TRIPS ON A GIRL FOR FUCKING USING YOUR ASS...ESP SINCE YOUR BROKE ASSES DIDN'T PAY FOR NOTHING BUT FUCKING GAS. Jesus a girl can't fuck without feeling guilt...

Now all you PIMPS and wanna be PLAYERS I know how you feel when some bitch slaps you with a guilt trip. That shit is not funny is it guys. DAMN WHORES....Yanno its just sad plain fucking sad how people on AdultFriendFinder are so not what they should be......Fake shit on one side and's baby's on the other.

SCREAMS........................I am venting because I am ready to not have sex and anyone who pms me must go through some questions..LOL.....


easy_8 56M

11/16/2005 9:07 pm

Hope you feel better!!!

rm_MKidFE 36M

11/16/2005 9:12 pm

That's one hell of a rant. People can be stupid as hell sometimes. You simply have to accept that as a fact of life... it is impossible to escape, trust me on that much.

SPs_delight 35F
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11/16/2005 9:13 pm

i know how you feel, people are disgusting irritating little creatures yet we cant seem to stay away from one another.

*giggles* After that wonderful rant do you feel better now?


jim5131 55M
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11/16/2005 9:56 pm

(peeps in....chair goes sailing by....)

"Ahh...I was looking for the telephone. I think I made a wrong turn by the Ladie's Room.....I'll just backtrack out...sorry..."

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11/17/2005 9:36 am

HAHAHAHAH How many of you got a good laugh outta CHICA's rants and raves...I love being part italian and hispanic. I can get away with ranting and raving and people go DAMN ITALIAN AND LATINA TEMPERS.


Hahah yeah people are dishonest as hell. No trippin about that. But women should not have to feel guilty about using someone. Men do it all the time. Lets face it. Fact of life people. Life is a give and take thing. We all give and take from someone else. Life is not a bed of Dolphins and Butterflies.

But it sure as hell feels good to rant and rave on this site....~smiles~

AWWWWW **POINTS UP** Da Chica things Delight is yummy....

~~runs to the womens section~~ Maybe going back bi is not a bad thought..Maybe women will do me good..LOL

(Juan S)
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11/17/2005 10:17 pm

hmm...what about a single guy that is flexible on the Strings or the attachment?

klauskissnhug 57M

11/19/2005 3:25 pm

I'm nothing if not vulnerable to being guilt-tripped about reading a blog without leaving a comment.

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