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11/15/2005 8:11 pm

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Whats In The Brain

Flips through the profiles..

Geez....And I thought mine was cheesy....~rotflmao~ So ....raise your hand if you read these profiles and shake your head and go no way possible. Just can't be a real Human. Or better yet omg what is a good person like me doing on this site??

I am finding it really truely hard to even remotely start liking anyone. Even the " I am a Stud Master Sappy Cry me To bed Tears" guys are so full of poop that I am seriously wondering about this....~~~~pondering~~~~

Ok....Let me think hard on this...Why is anyone on this site. I turn on the news and half of VA has what STD was it...UMMMMMM well anyways..Hampton Roads , the clinics seriously need to hand out some massive dosages of STD MEDS.....Its so sad....I mean its like on this site you need to literally advertise CLEAN AND DD FREE...How udderly sad is this? Its actually in laymans terms pathtic and sad now and days. So here is half of the worlds population sitting on this site trying to get fucked. Then you got some of the worlds population wanting to cheat on their other half without them knowing. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU GET MARRIED THEN? Whats the use? I mean why hide what you want...Yanno I think there needs to be this sheet you fill out when you date someone. It needs to read:

a. do you agree that sex with others is just sex. yes_______ or no________

b. Do you agree to have sex with other females while he watches. yes____ or no______

c. Do you agree to have sex with other couples and him included. yes_____ or no____

d. Do you agree to have anal sex. yes____ or no____

e. Do you feel that DP is ok with toys and other items of interest while fucking your soon to be ball and chain of a husband. yes____ or no____

f. Do you feel that you can have sex no less then 4 times a week. yes____ or no_____

g. DO you feel that you can be kinky, and take pictures of sexual acts and so on? yes___ or no___

I mean really people. WTF...I know love is wonderful love is everything you can only find that in one person your whole life...Yeah and people divorce everyday too and find love somewhere else...So...why stop on the first person you assume you love...Why not find the match for you sexually and communication wise....Right? shouldn't you have a match?????

I am just wondering.....I mean I find a lot of guys on here that I would love to have as my own...BUT JESUS...SKINNY BLONDE GIRLS blah blah and hells bells CHICA ain't none of that...~sigh~

Once again another rant and rave from CHICA....

(Juan S)
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11/15/2005 9:26 pm

Amazing...My new blog post kinda touches on the same subject...
Its like having that one special person is the ultimate...its what i want to find and not miss any of the things I would get as a single person. Not regret the decision or have her regret it either. I would like to give her everything that she desires and vice versa... good luck in your search...

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11/16/2005 3:17 am

Hey Ya........

Yeah I get on these TANGENTS as my MATHA would say...I throw out my thoughts and ideas in a sorta of ranting and raving moment. But I truely see how people fall in love. But I been in 3 seriously failed relationships because of the sex. The love was there for us personally yanno the whole we can do this blah blah but sexually the matching aspects was a complete BOMB!!!! I am really wondering if todays soicety with the way people are wanting various lifestyles if you seriously can not settle even for the love of ur life. Because if you look at love it basically means untoo them . To love and cherish. So, if they do not know you are fucking around then you don't love them because you don't trust their own judgement or you as a person are scared. Make sense?

Two people with the same mind set....Thanks hon and good luck with you...


(Juan S)
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11/17/2005 10:11 pm

Chica... you should pop over to my blog...

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