Ranting and Raving a ITALIANCHICA's Thoughts  

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11/20/2005 7:14 am

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Ranting and Raving a ITALIANCHICA's Thoughts

Well here we are again Chatters , sneaks, cheats, and taunts. Has anyone had any fun so far here? Certainly hope so. I try to keep a open mind about what happens in AdultFriendFinder. I guess some people keep it real while others state you must keep it real. Of course my blogs probably piss some people off. But do I care? Of course not....Like buttholes everyone has a thought. But I am finding it more and more amazing how people just give out their personal informaiton like its nothing. Sorta scary if you ask me. Also I am so sick of being made to feel guilty about someone when I have figured through their smoke screen. I am a lonely woman who is cute not ugly and smart. I already said leave the games at home. I have to be brutally honest on some stuff. Someone told me I was fat and to far away. Thank you Brutus the redneck for letting me know that I was not good enough for your trailor on wheels and taking home to your Momma who lives with you and your wife and 10 kids in your trailor on wheels. Anyway, my point is everyone has a different taste.

Everything in life is different. We all get so caught up in everyday life we forget that things are not the same as what we want them to be. I forget that my co workers are not going to go along with my plans for the day, so I change that attitude to be more open to them and make things work. I guess I am trying to figure out why sometimes I write a person on here and get no answer. A nice sorry you are not what I want will not hurt me. SOmeitmes I go through the profiles to giggle and laugh. Some of these profiles are actually hilarious if you sit down long enough to read em. But in all truthfulness I think that we all have to have some sort of standard to what we are looking for. Some of us do want certain people, but then again some of us do want that special person. We are not saying that person to marry or date but a person we trust sexually. I mean I see pictures on here of guys with girls fucking and one guy had 4 pictures of different women and not one condom. I mean come on AIDS and other disease is not funny. So I drop those profiles fast because that to me is scary. I came here to AdultFriendFinder like a lot of people who throw up I WANT SEX ONLY BLAH BLAH, but that is bull. You came here to find someone who is sexually equal to you , who shares your thoughts on sex. You know if you meet the right person that boom you would not let them go. Maybe you want the swinger lifestyle of BDSM or maybe you want the mother of your children but who is a sex freak. This is the place to find it no doubt.

I guess I am tired of talking to someone and then after while they disappear. I am truely starting to know that on this site that everyone guy you are talking too he has 3 more girls he has met or will meet. But then you get so attached to the attention even via mail or phone that when he walks away and says nothing it hurts. You build up what you want only to find you are shot down. I am really tired of the distance issue as far as I go. I hate being so damn far away from humans. I am better off saying I am from VA but even then people there do not want to do the 20 min to 40 min drive. I think that at 31 I am going to die a lonely death in Northeastern NC. I am only praying that when I finish grad., school I can move away to a more highly populated area. I deserve the chance. Sad thing is in College I did long distance for a year. He would come up every weekend and I would drive to him . 14 hrs taken away on a weekend to visit but it was so worth it in our eyes. Him being a marine during the week he had no time for me. It was military duty and everything else. But weekends we had all the time in the world. It was so worth it . But now I have school, a job, and a dog that has to go where I go. She is trained to use puppy pads but I feel so bad for her to be so lonely. ~sigh~ I feel that I am in a no win situtation and finding a fuck buddy is it. But fuck buddy's don't listen to you when you have a bad day or care whether or not you get the sexual attention you deserve. No guys I don't mean that type of attention there is more that goes with it. I read these pathetic profiles and the last guy please. What attention did I get. I got no fucking oral sex and he did and my body sat there going WTF....His cock as big as it was did nothing for me becaus ehe didn't care.....Even if he was fucking me for fun come on please give me something..

I just think that there are a lot of misleading people here on AdultFriendFinder. I mean for one I don't lie and I won't lie. But I do admit that traveling is hard for me. I guess I need to explain that in my profile. And I live in BFE. Which is so sad too. I have so much to offer a man and yet I can't because of where I live. Talk about sucking.

I guess I am just hurt that when someone offers something and does not give it hurts. I am also shy around people with better bodies then mine. Anyone know what its like to totally stop eating sweets? I hate sweets. I crave them but I refuse to eat them since I am trying to lose weight and since cutting that out I have dropped a lot more. Pepsi and Cokes is the next bridge to cross. BUT ANYWAYS I had to throw that out.

I know a lot of other people face similar things and I am sure my blogs make people think omg she is a bitch. Not really I am funny and poking fun at people. I guess I am getting pay back...


online69n 51F

11/20/2005 4:18 pm

you are who you are and if you don't like the inside it's easily changed and if you don't like the outside it too is easily changed, but you and only you can help yourself and your happiness lies within yourself!
I hope that you like yourself more than I see here and that you realize that if you like yourself others will like you too. By the way, to HELL with those who don't and remember it is their loss!
Keep going forward even when you slide back, keep going forward and one day you will reach your dreams.
Good luck

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11/21/2005 7:41 pm

hahaha amen to that..But if I did not bitch I would have nothing better to say..Its in the blood of a hispanic and italian chica I guess....~giggling~ thank you so much you are a sweetheart for sure....~smiles~

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