Profiles another rant and rave of a ITALIANCHICA  

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11/20/2005 6:45 pm

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Profiles another rant and rave of a ITALIANCHICA

I was going through the profiles just now and saw a guy who was cute who said he was bi curious blah blah, however it had to be DISCREET. Well ummm if its to be discreet why would you show your FACE??? I mean discreet basically means you do not need or want the world to know what you are doing. I am just shocked. Like in my instance I block my face out. Why do I do that because I am discreet. Anyone knows esp., those that are bi and a male would want to be a lil more discreet. Even the married men screwing around on their wives are not doing a good job of BEING DISCREET. When you say I need more love and it has to be DISCREET you still stick a tattoo or some type of evidence that proves that you are that womans husband. WTF!!! Ya don't think her gf's see this crap? Jesus men!! Come on....

Aw like the ladies are any smarter? DISCREET DISCREET blah blah...One chic is like my poor husband is in IRAQ getting his ass blown off but yanno what I need sex because I just can't wait till he comes home. Well she goes and takes pictures of her encounters, splashes them all over her page and you can see her face and her Horrible nails. And the guy she is with tells all on his profile WITH HIS FACE and him a Officer..LOSER!!!

So I am just ranting again because I dunno if its me or what but I mean if you wanna be cool and chill then be a tad bit smarter.

But I mean its just a shock to my system with all this discreetion and cheatin and such you gonna be that darn stupid.....Does not take a rocket scientist to tell you for heavens sake block the crap out.....~DUH~


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