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4/1/2006 6:30 am

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One More Time

I guess once again some people are not figuring out various things that occur with AdultFriendFinder. The reason many of us place "items" on our faces is because of our job or life. Unlike some people who emphasize "Discreetion" and how their face and everything else, we value who knows our business. It really is simple in various ways if you use your brain. It scares me to death to think people don't have a ounce of sense to stop and go ok I put my pictures that I want people to see in my Network, which means when they ask for the invite I can read their location and so on. We all desire excitment and adventure in our sexual lives. However we chose not to have every TOM, DICK, AND HARRY knowing our business. Esp., when your job requires you to face everyone in the business world.

Personally if you are real to my book and have a awesome job and family you don't throw your face up there until you read someone elses profile and then require they join your network. My best buddy and I discussed this last night. As you all know I have a close friend on here who is a bigger freak then I thought I was...~winks at him~ I know he is reading this crap. But anyways he had a good point. If you are truely a real person on here, how many of us want people knowing our business. Esp., military people who can believe it or not get in trouble for this stuff if someone truely did not like you. He and I agre that we are two extremely sexual people, who want to keep it on the DL until we honestly get to know someone.

To be sexually involved in a lifestyle means to find some trust. To have ones wife or girlfriend be with another person or your husband or bf be with another women, then you have to make sure that everything is safe. I truely admire someone who states what they want on their profile. I for one will state what I want. I might be pregnant but I want to have sex as much as the next. I love attention and so on, but I have a baby to watch out for. Whether this lil one is born now , tomorrow, or next month, I owe it to the child to monitor who I talk too. A lot of people on here could be undercover or child molestors as far as I know..

How many of us have found something or someone completely opposite of their profile. ~raises hand and wiggles fingers~ I truely have found two awesome people here. What a rare thing right? Its completely amazing how some people are on here. We have gone through the fake profiles, the bs crap on here, men and women who have sex on here with 5 different people with no protection. RED FLAG ALERT!!!! But like my friend and I said you can not be careful.

I get teased what I freak I am when you truely get to know me. If you take time you will be amazed at a pregnant girl and what she will do and want to do. ~GIGGLING~ Men I am telling you, find someone pregnant...

But also be clean and smart when you e-mail. I am truely getting turned off once again by the AW YOU ARE PREGNANT I WANNA FUCK A PREGNANT GIRL BECAUSE I HEAR YOU ALL ARE HORNY AND WET AND I WANT TO TASTE YOUR MILK...You are a sick fucker to me...Sorry but you are weird weird weirddddddddddddddddddddddddddd....Yes I got the piercing of the tounge, tats all over, and I was literally horny before I GOT KNOCKED UP. But I refuse to respond to someone so vile ...I don't give a damn if it is AdultFriendFinder and this site is about sex...Once again we have gone over this and over this a million times....This site was created for people of all sexual manners. We all have various desires.

Me personally, I state what I want..Fuck I tell people come here read my shit...I dunno how hard it is for people to do this....My friend read it, wrote me, and GOT IT...He has yet to get weird on me with the way we talk......But I open up slowly and if he is playing me as his friend he is doing a perfect job...He is a smooth dude....Men outta read what he wrote..I swear if he was a player women would love him...Its so amazing what he says....

But anyway, I do want to be with someone fun and exciting. I don't mind couples and some exciting things. But not many people are into pregnant women...I know a few sickos...But I truely want someone normal and that right now has not happened...I am getting a tad bit ticked that I get accused of wanting a father for this child. Personally my friend would be a wonderful figure for the baby and I would chose him for a Godfather..However, if I want a father for this baby I would go to eHarmony. What I want is someone I can relate too, trust, get to know as a awesome friend. and then what may happen. I look for smarts, education, and various other things.....I have to have someone on my level. Its why I like people who have children or have been around children. It gives me more things to talk about and understand. I hope people get this.....Seems people don't....

This site offers a wide range of sexual orientations and I am all for that...Nothing better then to find people of various things....I love it.....I love and adore the people I meet and talk too..Even if one turned out to be my ex fiance..LOL YES YOU CAN MEET YOUR LIFE MATE AND I DID....Well before he cheated....LOL

Good luck people just think...I am a ranting and raving CHICA who is sexually

Talk Soon..


628141 35F

4/1/2006 7:46 am

I totally agree with you....YOU GO ain't's just the sexual frustration talking....


customkicksj 35M
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4/1/2006 8:31 am

look mama i like pregnant women, and i feel ur pain, its hard to find a good frien on here ive only been on 1 week and ive got sum sickening replies,i hope u find what your looking for

bluegirl39 49F

4/1/2006 8:56 am

you wont be pregnate forever..may seem like it but you wont..I read a bog not long ago that bashed us single moms..saying were looking for daddies for our kids..yeah right..I don't know about every woman on here but I am doing a great job alone and don't need some man in my home messing it all up lol...In regards to those sick guys wanting to try your milk, what the heck is up with they miss mommy?..again I don't need another kid that is a full grown wishes and hugs to you girl..

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