Once again  

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11/12/2005 7:00 pm

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Once again

Hey Chicas....

Daily life of your favorite lil chicadeeka...Whats up with the freaks of AdultFriendFinder....

So how many of you studly men out there found anyone worth a toot? Me, well lets say MUM tis the word for the night children...

I basically was made aware that I do have a lot of people in my network and some people wondered that about me...Am I Loosey Goosey or what? Well in reality NO....I don't meet everyone on here...Sometimes I actually like talking to various peopleo n here and have no thought of reason to wanna meet various people. Some people on here are truely awesome people...Some scare me to hell and a hand basket with their comments...~wipes forhead~

Wonder if some people forgot the act of seduction or inviting a girl to dinner. Here it is..No you are not coming to my house..If you come to my house past the hour of 9 pm no you are not getting ass. Better yet, if you so chose to go out with me whether you are a married couple or whatever you better do it before the time of 6pm because someone will be taking my ass out to dinner...Yeah.....I am not some cheap come over and bunk with AdultFriendFinder Internet white trash hussy. I am smart, I THINK I AM CUTE, to hell with what others thinks, and I am italian and latina and I am so outspoken...

This is a BLOG...Its where you post ideas, thoughts, and whatever in the hell I want too and I should don't you all think?

~jumps off her soap box~

Now I have had my fun for the moment...~woot woot~

Till then my sexy, fun, and ever so cool friends..I am signing off.....


rm_N73269 48M

11/15/2005 8:58 pm

Oh man Italian AND Latina.... This woman would rock ANY mans world, prolly to the point where he'd be screaming to get away.

I've always WANTED either race. Italian because i've always wondered "just how sexual they really are" and Latina's because they're fucking cute and sexy rolled into one fine ass package.

I can't begin to imagine the two rolled into one.

Your boyfriend is one lucky mo'fo'.. (or is he...)

rm_N73269 48M

11/15/2005 8:59 pm

PS: Want to go out for dinner?

PSS. If you live too far, We can go to a cyber-diner

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