Just another Rant from Me  

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6/11/2006 4:51 pm

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Just another Rant from Me

I am not ranting right now..Just talking....~smiles~

I know how pathetic I am at the present moment...I rant till the point of no return don't I...But come on who does not like a smart woman that puts up with no bull...I am not even from this site...

I write my stories and I voice my concerns...I have not really meet anyone I thought would be a match...I basically did not Even renew my membership after fussing at standards...I am a standard now and I can see why some people do not want to pay for none sense...No man deserves to have to pay to get taken to another website. I think even the women are sick of the men who think acting like a moron and saying hey let me be blunt..I WANT TO FUCK YA...YEAH THATS IT FUCK YA ....I am so sorry but do not even go there with me...I don't mind a good fuck but I am not about to get some STD because you want to get your rocks off..And ladies if you even fuck a man like that you are asking for what comes...You have got to protect yourself and think for a moment what type of man goes around asking that...ANd men ask yourself of the women that display themselves like a meat market and talk like filthy whores..I see men all the time on here I want a lady in the street and a freak in the bed..Well jeez find a real woman and you got both...

And yes I am pregnant and I miss sex but I am not placing myself or my child into the hands of some mad man...Sex is great but I am looking for a WOW...I need and want a WOW...Come on ladies we all want that WOW...Even sexually I need to connect on more then one level...I can't stand a one night stand either that just does not make my day...I got to know the man I am having sex with..I truly want to know what he is about and I want to know his desires....Men complain that they screw these women and then nothing..Well when you jump in the sack and find nothing good its because you did not know her sexually. Nothing wrong with meeting a girl that you want to get with and talking to here is there...I mean to me thats the only way to know if you will be attracted to someone...But yanno what thats me and only me...Do as you wish not my 25 cents if you end up with something you did not want right???

Life is an amazing thing to say the least....I have been talking to some amazing people lately and it excites me that there might be one person on here worth my time..If I find one person worth it then its been a damn pleasure to say the least...

Well let me get outta here I am tired of ranting on a subject that gets me no where...If you like brains let me know if not keep going..lol

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