For REAL?? Aw I Think Not!!!  

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11/16/2005 2:58 pm

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For REAL?? Aw I Think Not!!!

flips through the profiles


What is no strings attached sex?

Anwer: At first I pondered this and wondered if the guy did not want the girl to be on her period and not pull the tampon string out. Cause yanno dudes that is the worest thing a girl can do to you. Play with ya and "forget" to mention she is on the rag and then you go to play and holy shit you get a suprise...A string with a present....rotf.. But seriously...NO STRINGS ATTACHED....Sorta like Minnie Pearl, no price tag. What you don't want no Gold Digger? You praying no price tag attached to that pussy. I would be too when it comes to some of these beotchs on AdultFriendFinder. I am sure some of these chics want a husband. Yanno you military guys some of these girl really want an id. So that pussy has a damn Tag. But ok I digress.....LOL....Anyway... I just wanna know what the hell is it. I mean yeah I am sure that it means I don't want a Committment. But when it comes to a smartass like me you have gots to say I want a NO COMMITTMENT ASS FUCKING GOOD TIME. But then again you guys are to smart for that aren't ya. No strings basically takes you off the hook in some aspects don't it. I am sure it does. I mean it makes sense to say that because a girl will hope and pray she can change your mind eh. That her pussy is supper dupper kitty meow and she can win ya. LOL....I dunno anyways you tell


When you have " no strings attached sex" why does the person who said that get offended when the person that has sex with them does not want to talk or have sex all the time?

Answer: Because they want the person to want them thats why.


Why are people who want this no strings sex care so much what the other person looks like as long as they are DD free?

Answer: Because they want the possibly of being attached to a string thats why.


Why do the ugly people on here who are far more hideous then me say sexypussylicker or hotbabe4utofuc ,made up names anyone who is associate with the made up names, well to damn bad, anyways, as I was saying, why you gotta have those names?


rm_N73269 48M

11/16/2005 7:08 pm

I'll assume No Strings attached would be no committment after the act is done. More also, I don't want to know your name, I just want to bang, bang, bang, hahahaha. Seriously tho.

Question 2: Because having sex a second time would be stringed?! Might lead into something that neither wants?

Question 3: I'll speak for myself, I'll take anything thrown my way. Shit, I'll even wine ya and dine ya.
Yep. You got one sad man typing in these words.

Question 4: I consider myself ugly, not hideous. And even with the 'ugly' thing going for me, I'm more likely to kick your ass over you calling me skinny than calling me anything else. I do however think that's why a lot of people turn out the lights when having sex.
Anyway, I've only sent mail to those with real pictures and i've avoid the "barbies' just because, ya know, i'm ugly.

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11/16/2005 7:40 pm

ur so silly you are not ugly silly...

But I love the fact you play along with my game here and My Entertainment side appreciates you....~smiles~

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