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11/12/2005 9:21 pm

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Chica is Bored

Ok...Here we go kids. How many of you raise your hand know my weakness for a man in Uniform...Well here is a sample of what I like...

I would love to be home waiting on my man from a hard days work. Of course him fighting for this country makes me all the hornier. Knowing my man is wearing the most perfect uniform...Out does a cop...Better yet let him be a mp in uniform..CAMMIIEESSS...

I would wait for him at the door like the Submissive lil girl I am. In my panties and bra and a Beer waiting for him..He comes into the door with his uniform on and I instantly beging to get wet. The lips of my pussy quiver and tighten. Its almost like I am having a orgasm before I feel his touch on my clit or his hard cock in me. He looks so handsome and his eyes are fixed on me. Knowing I am being his oh so good girl. He takes the beer from me without a word spoken and he opens it and takes a sip. He motions for me to come to him and without thinking twice I obey. He pours the beer onto my bra. The chill of the beer causes my nipples to get hard...He bends his head down and licks the material soaked in beer...Oh yes, the feel of his warm lips. My nipples are now aching for him to remove the material and let his lips touch me.

My body arching and demanding his lustful touches. He slowly pushes me back against the couch. Without a word spoken he turns me around. My back and ass pressing against his chest and the hard cock that is pushing through the material of his pants. The rough material of his uniform touching my body, yet his soft hands caressing my shoulders and moving down my arms. His head bends down and kisses one shoulder. His hands come up and moves my hair to the side. His head bends down and nips my neck. My nipples getting hard now and my pussy getting wetter. I moan out in pleasure. My baby knows the right touch for me. He knows my soft spots is my neck. He now sticks his tounge out and licks the side of my neck and moves up to my ear. Slowly he nibbles away and I am getting even more wet.

His hands move around to my tits and he shoves a hand in behind the material of the bra and pulls my tits out. He plays with my nipple with his fingers the whole while he nips on my ear. His other hand moves down into to my panties and he moves the material aside. His hand slips down to the freshly shaved pussy. I am now gasping at this touch. My legs spread a lil more giving him more room to move further down my lips of my pussy. He moans a lil at how wet I am. Leaning into me he whispers "Baby I want you and all of you." Oh God those words sound like heaven to me....

His finger is working its way down my pussy lips and he can hear the my wetness making sounds. He finally finds my clit hard and swollen. He touches it and I moan in pleasure , then he pushes a finger further up into he enters me. He moves it around and my nipples get hard and i moan out. He removes his finger brings it out and places it to his lips and taste it. He whispers once again into my ear " you are so sweet and taste so good baby. I need you and want you."

He orders me to bend over the couch. He places his hands at the waist of my panties and begins to remove them. He tells me he loves my ass and the tattoos on my back make him more horny because it shows him what a wild girl I am. Since during the day I am a Professional and Student but at night his lil slut and whore. He smacks my ass after he removes the panties. Aw baby your ass looks good. I can feel him moving down my back to my ass. His hot breath on the cheeks of my ass. Suddenly I can feel his tounge licking my ass. He takes his tounge to the top of my crack and moves down spreading the cheeks with his tounge. I beging to moan in pleasure. He then takes his hands and moves my ass cheeks apart revealing my asshole. He takes his tounge and licks me there. My body flitches. He smacks my ass hard because of that. I moan out in pleasure. His tounge pressing its way in. Aw dear God the pleasure. He plays there for a few moment and then moves even further down. Now my pussy is literally dripping. I have climaxed almost to an orgasm from the wonderful forplay. I can feel his tounge traching the outline of my lips. His hands move down and spread my legs even further. Then his hands move to my lips and spread them apart. His head moves down and then i can feel his tounge fucking my clit. Like a whip on someones ass his tounge whips and fucks my clit. Oh God I am moving on to his face. My pussy grinding down on him but his hand moves up only to smack my ass. He demands I remain still for him. Tonite he said I am his bitch and lil slut. He demands I remain still as he ravages my body.

Due to the smack of his hand on my disobediant ass I remain still. His tounge goes back to working my clit. Oh God I pray I will orgasm from his touch because he feels good. Suddenly the lashing of his tounge is about to make me cum and he stops. I sigh out in displeasure and once again I met with punishment. I slap even harder to my ass. I scream out and I tell h im I shall obey. He then comes back up and twirls me around to face him. " Kay, down on your knees I tell you". " Yes Stevey I do as you command of me" I repeat to him.

Falling to my knees, he demands I unzip his pants. I do as I am told and then he instructs me to remove his cock. Oh God I love seeing his hard throbbing seven inches. So thick and wonderful. The pre cum dripping from the head. He grabs my head and shoves it to his cock. " Suck me baby. I want to feel your tounge on my cock."

My warm wet mouth is now around the head of his cock. One of my hands around the throbbing thick shaft and my other one moving down between his legs to play with his balls and asshole. He moans out in pleasure as I squeeze his balls and suck on his hard cock. His hands still locked in my hair and I know he is loving this because he is grip is tightening on my hair. THe sounds of my mouth on his cock can be heard. My tounge dancing around the head and moving up and down the shaft. My hand on his cock pumping it while I tounge fuck his dick and now my other hand is moving to his asshole playing. His body is rocking into me and I know he is in pure pleasure. I look into his eyes and his are locked on me. I know he loves me fucking his dick. I can feel his cock tightening and throbbing. I know he is near a orgasm and my finger is moving further into his asshole fucking his tight lil ass. I know with this and my tounge fucking he will blow his load.

Suddenly Stephen stops me and says " No Kay. I want to unload into that tight pussy that is mine." He pulls me up and twist me back around facing the couch. He pushes me once more down and then i feel the head of his cock near the opening of my pussy. Dear God I can not wait to feel that thick cock. Suddenly he pushes into me. I moan in pleasure. Being as I am so tight he has trouble getting it in and then he pushes me harder. His hands wrapped around my waist. Finally he shoves it in and I moan. He slowly pumps me. Going so slow. The sound of wet pussy juices and the smell move around us both. He moans out and says" God baby I love that pussy so fucking tight for me." He begins to go faster and his body arching into mine. His body acting like a snake. The move movement like a dance and he pounds into me. His balls slapping my ass. My tits slamming into the couch and I moan even louder. He smacks my ass and says " Baby who am I." I scream out in pure pleasure " You are my Soldier, you protect me, you are my man, you adore me, and I am your slut and I do as you ask." His uniform still on him and now its getting soaked. A wet spot appearing on the front. His cock still slamming into me. God my pussy is tightening and he keeps telling me to let it go keep lose. I am start to feel this feeling building in me. I scream out" Stephen omg baby I am gonna cum." He keeps hitting it harder and harder and harder fucking my fucking tight pussy harder and harder, and finally I hear him scream " Fuck yeah you slut I am cumming make me cum you fucking slut of mine." Suddenly I feel this one last pounding and I feel his body jerking and then suddenly I am forced to release what I have built up as well.

We both jerk together in exstacy. I can feel his cum in me. So warm and wet. I feel beads of sweat falling onto my back. His arms wrapping closer around me. He slumps on top of me then gets up and brings me to him. His cum and mine sliding down my legs. He finally picks me up places me on the edge of the couch where he bends down and licks my throbbing pussy and lapping up our juices. He comes back up to my face and begins kissing me and our juices are with us both. His kiss is so fucking hot. He pulls back and looks at me and says" Kay you are my everything. You are the hottest girl I know. The only one who has ever agreed to my life and has been there for me. You are what a woman should be and act." My heart flitters because I know this man is so sexy standing there in his uniform with my wettness to him. He looks at me and says " And I may go to work tomorrow with this on me." We both giggle and he helps me up and we go to the shower together. Only to start another chapter there.


rm_3674862 47M

11/13/2005 7:05 am

I do!

rm_mac1215 45M

11/14/2005 7:09 am you like a man in uniform. Great story. Wish I was there.

rm_N73269 48M

11/15/2005 8:50 pm


Does a orange vest count?

PS. I have a hardhat too

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11/16/2005 3:00 pm

hahahah to cute

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