Butterflies and Dolphines Don  

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12/2/2005 6:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Butterflies and Dolphines Don

Hello Peepers.

Some people are shocked I have not posted in awhile. I feel like that guy off Invasion that has his blog and always reporting the really totally weird crap. I notice that some people have various blogs on here. Me personally I am not here to write a Butterfly and Dolphine love story or am I here to make a ton of brand new friends who I can frolick with like a bunch of Who's in Whoville. I am more like CINDY LOU HOOTERS FOR THE GRINCH. <<<---Old Christmas Chatname...~smiles~ Anyway...My point being kiddos....I had someone say that I was totally a lair and a cheater because when he called I would not answer the phone. Point to be made here...And let me explain.

Number 1: I do not know you. You are on line and in the real world which is the one I am in I have a real life.

Number 2: When someone calls me and I am on a international call with my best friend in Iraq or Canada be aware I don't answer.

Number 3: When my caller id says your number is private well chances are I CAN'T CALL YOUR ASS BACK.

Number 4: When you call me at work I can't chit chat.

Number 5: When you are telling me on the phone sorry my reception is bad then I CAN'T HEAR YOU AND I WILL HANG UP.

Now with those point at hand lets all be aware the world is not ALL DOLPHINS AND BUTTERFLIES.

Meaning that there are so many lying, cheating, worthless, dumbass, MOVIE WANTING MODEL, People on here that the server will melt. We all know that not everyone is going to like the person that writes them. Thats a damn fact of life humans. Come on. Read profiles.

Yadda yadda hello I know its a sex site , but hello one must promate health. Some people don't think. I swear if some people had brains we would all be WAR OF THE WORLDS. Someone actually sat on here and said I DON'T USE CONDOMS. Well holy crap you really think I am waisting my time? Um negative Houston. And for some of you cocky headed brats out there....For once would you stop thinking you are GOD and make sure you wear a condom whether they are married or not and stop assuming.

I am so sick of assuming. I don't assume nothing. I don't assume you gonna like my rant I don't assume you gonna like me, think I care hell no...Not my job or my desire to care what you think.

I am here to find my match. Wanna here something weird. I love church...I do....LOVE MY CHRISTIAN FAITH. Makes me horny to know a man is a church man. I know its a weirdddd fetish....Christians sin...Makes since to go to church then come home and have a fucking of a life time...SO SO SOOOOO HOT...Aw well beside the cammies too boys....LOL...

My point here is...PEOPLE ASSUME TO MUCH ...I am sick of the assuming and most of all sick of the BS that people pass through. I am not going to get a disease cause you gotta get ur nuts off. Aw and thanks to the hot guy that admitted to me some girl on AdultFriendFinder gave him the CLAP. ~~claps my hands~~ Aw you were smart there buddy. Cause the girl looks good, looks clean, doesn't mean it is. THINK...But hey dude thanks for telling me before we met. Makes me know that I am and have been DD free and makes me know that I am glad I am picky and a bitch even for being FAT as some say....Hey I may have curves but at least I can be proud to say I am DD free always have been. How many of you reading this right now stuck it in some chic and had no clue who she was or cared about her past. Getting nervouse huh? Scared maybe???? Lil on the freaked side at the moment? You outta for doing it and being stupid and assuming and THEN try to hit on some other poor chica...TISK TISK...And worse on the girl for not asking for a condom...Shows you how stupid some people are on here...~sighs~


Well kids thats it for now. You ever loving LATINA ITALIAN CHICA is going to work. YES I WORK A GOVERNMENT JOB..Gotta love me eh?



Polo32577 39M

12/2/2005 7:33 am

that was great read....everything u said is so true, so thanks for take the time to write down and making others aware....bye chica bonita....

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12/2/2005 4:43 pm

Thats sweetie...

Well I had to say something I saw one profile where the guy said Condoms a total must and holy cow I so admired that.....was happy to hear that...

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12/3/2005 6:26 am

and i just noticed I CAN'T SPELL...But once again thanks for the comment a positive one at that...I admire people who stand up for their belief even on a dang chat site dedicated to people having sex. Sex has a major responsiblity wish people who come on here knew that and respected that. I am sick of guys and some women or couples who open themselves up to everyone and anything....here in the south we call that TRASHY......Even the cat played with the mouse before killing it....In other words learn who you are talking too....Don't be like that idiot that let me a msg...Don't ASSUME....Makes a ASS out of U and ME. See what assume spells....


rm_FocusesOnHer 38M
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12/5/2005 5:10 pm

A person has to keep your head on your shoulders today, that's true. Most of the profiles on here seem laughable or fake. While you do get a bit...heated, Chica ... I respect you for being straight up.

rm_nc_kramerica 47M
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12/13/2005 8:55 pm

Hey, about the church thing... it makes sence... Kind of like the Madonna Video for 'Just Like a Prayer' Anyways, I just happened to notice that you have a BOD BUILT FOR SIN... So, hey... don't let it go to waste!

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