What the hell! Isn't this a free country?  

LilBlondeNZ 40F
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7/17/2005 2:30 pm
What the hell! Isn't this a free country?

What is up with all our friends' blog posts being not approved? It is so random and annoying. This is a friggin free country and this is also a racy website-
Unless I post something like "F**k-ity F**K F**K, F**K you, you MotherF**King (insert racial slur)" there should be nothing rejected ON THIS SITE... what is this Soviet Russia? China? Iran? PUHLEEZE Enough already!!!!!

Let's see how many tries I have to go through to get this thought posted... friggin critics. Should I start calling this site "Ayatollah" Friend Finder?

lookinout1 44M

7/25/2005 5:02 pm

LOL! Right on, sister! I couldn't agree more, nor could I have said it better. It's especially annoying that you pay for the Gold membership and get treated like a piece crap. These people running this site need to get over their technological and political hurdles already.

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