The Only Living Girl in New York....  

LilBlondeNZ 40F
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11/4/2005 10:01 pm
The Only Living Girl in New York....

I live in a house with 4 other roommates. Yet, I'm the only one home on this Friday night. I'm in an empty house, in an empty beach town. No neighbors, nobody on the street, nobody driving by. If I yelled really loud, nobody would hear me. Not that I would want to.

The past few weeks I'd say I've been lonely... it's not easy moving someplace new. Every creak at night makes me wake up and the bed's too hard and the windows are drafty.... everything seems so much colder and nothing seems right, and I feel like I'm visiting everyday. So out of place. Leaving the comfort of my old place and old situaiton behind was not as easy as I had planned... the only thing I hate saying more than "hello" is "goodbye".

But tonight is a little different. I'm here alone, but I'm not as cold as I used to be. Maybe it's the blanket and the fuzzy slippers. And I've got the Garden State Soundtrack on and I'm chilling under the covers with my jammies on... maybe just getting better at being alone.

Hopefully, I won't get tooooo good at it.

hotandhorny107 58F

11/4/2005 11:38 pm

I sometimes find myself alone and totally enjoy it. Don't worry about getting dressed, when to eat, what to watch on the tv or anything Sleep if I want etc etc. You will get to the point of enjoying it too. Nothing like your own space sometimes.

eastend79 37M

11/5/2005 4:44 am

I'm sorry, but I would love that situation. The quietness, the serenity. Nothing would please me more then to have someplace and the surrounding area all to myself. Though have *1* really nice person wouldn't be worse at all...

OOC, whats the rent like there?

rm_SxynSwtCpl 47M/51F

11/5/2005 8:18 am

On a sultry summers day
hidden away as not to be found
A torrid love affair of ben and jerry and I
so we can chunky monkey around.

rm_SxynSwtCpl 47M/51F

11/5/2005 8:20 am

Author unknown

LIBlonde97 40F
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11/5/2005 7:19 pm

LOL I think I'm catching on quick... now it's Saturday night, I've been in my jammies since 8pm, cooked dinner, painted my toenails, made brownies, called all my girlfriends, studied some cardiology, and it's only 10:15. I could get used to this!

S&Scpl- My threesomes lately are usually with my favorite two pillows, but I might have to cheat on them tonight with Ben & Jerry (Phish Food of course...) Love your poem.

EE-The rent's not bad for this area...We live in a huge penthouse apt with 4 other people... $2800 and we split the utilities.

sexystonybrook 34M

11/6/2005 4:15 pm

Hey LIBlonde,

Thanks for the post. Yeah moving into a new place is always weird. Make some memories there and in some ways it'll be just like good ol' home. I just moved into a place in Holbrook, a small 1-bedroom. Roommates out for the week, but it's nice enough.

Btw, I take classes MWF in HSC. What are you doing there?
lol maybe we can meet up academically?

Also, I thought your post was quite insightful, the comment on my blog and your post about relationships I mean to say. Cynicism is sometimes a need weapon against the war of egos and self-aggradizement. But yeah, if you ever want to chat drop me a line: AdultFriendFinder

K, I'm off to holbrook. I hope the nights get better, just remember you can have your pillows and ice cream together .

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