Is your blog a secret?  

LilBlondeNZ 40F
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7/29/2005 4:18 pm
Is your blog a secret?

Not many people in my non-AdultFriendFinder life know about my blog. It's kind of a guilty pleasure of mine that I like to keep to myself. Hmmm... is that cowardly? Or is it OK to keep certain parts of your life private?

There are people on this site who know more about me than some of my "real friends" just from my posts... it's makes me wonder.

Does everyone separate their AdultFriendFinder-related life from their "real" life? Is your AdultFriendFinder existance a secret? From who?


tamethytension 54M
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7/29/2005 5:11 pm

Completely ... there is a firewall between the two. My AdultFriendFinder friends may well become known to other friends and family, and they will be made to understand that we met online ... my Dad was the one to encouraged me to go online. But of AdultFriendFinder, they would not understand ... I simply let them assume we met via other personals.


rm_Elysia2005 43F
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7/29/2005 5:33 pm

There are very few non-A F F people who know about my exploits here. For the most part, A F F people don't cross into my daily life either, though there is one notable friend who does. I've always been the type, though, to compartmentalize things, so this is nothing new.

Tala4u2 54M  
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7/30/2005 6:37 am

AdultFriendFinder is a special place where the communication is open and responded to in kind. To be honest yes the two are seperate places 'real' life and AdultFriendFinder for me but the two do overlap in my open expression in both worlds but here I can be more vulnerable in a sense. It doe s bring a good balance to my life.

Tala, Wizard of The Kingdom of BooBoBia, DEITY,

Fallic40 53M
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7/30/2005 7:26 am

I keep this world apart from the physical world. It is not something that I talk about at work or at the pub. It is not that I consider my presence in this forum as secret or dirty or obscene, I just feel that this has a life of it's own and I like it that way.

My oldest daughter, however, knows that I have a blog on here and occasionally asks me if the writing is going well. I have told her it is the intellectual equivalent of all the texting she does with her friends.

rm_luv006 43M

8/3/2005 9:55 am

I like to be part of this blog and know your private lif

LIBlonde97 40F
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8/4/2005 11:52 am

Good. Because I wasn't sure if I was being a wimp or just enjoying my secret identity.

There is a certain weirdness when the "worlds collide", or when I bring AdultFriendFinder people into my "real life"... Although I'm not quite sure what my "real life" is these days. It all kind of blurs together.

I like having a private side. A refuge.

rm_talldarkavg1 105M
10172 posts
8/4/2005 2:41 pm

I think it depends on each individual. I try to share as much as I can but hidden within the antics.

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