Fact or Fantasy: The Quintessential Shower Fuck  

LilBlondeNZ 40F
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8/10/2005 3:27 pm
Fact or Fantasy: The Quintessential Shower Fuck

I have a pool and a hot tub at my house in the Hamptons this summer. Definitely the way to live out here since it's so friggin hot during the day, and it's nice at night. It's great and all, but there's a bonus that comes with it that I hadn't thought about originally; the constant necessity to wash off all the chlorine. And since you were swimming or hottubbing with someone, it's only polite to invite them into the shower with you to wash off. And god knows I am not one to to fly in the face of hot tub etiquette...

He always gets in first, and always sets the water a a little too hot for my taste. I join him and the hot water stings my fresh sunburn...(tsssss), but feels good. He pulls me in closer and the water flows down between my breasts and down to his legs. We kiss. Slowly. My mouth catches a little water, and the shower is hitting the back of his head, soaking him. We rest our foreheads together and feel the warm water trickling down. I push him back and he raises his hands up to smoothe back his dark hair under the running water.

He pulls me sideways, switches places with me to let me rinse my long, blonde hair out. As I'm tilting my head up and back, he runs his hands down my shoulders, down to my breasts, down my sides... pulls my hips close again, and rests his head on my shoulder. I put my arms around his neck, lift his face up to mine, and kiss him again. I pull back and smile... grab the soap.

We switch places again, and I start to wash his chest. His chest hair is grey and black, kind of unruly, and swishes swirly with each circle of the soap. I run the soap all around and rub my hands up his chest, neck, down his shoulders and arms... Around to the small of his back and pull him close to me. Sharing his suds, he takes the soap from my hand and goes to work. I close my eyes and feels two strong, slippery hands all over me, up my tummy, taking my sudsy breasts, one in each hand and pushing them up until his hands pass over my pert nips and his hands run up my neck and cradle both sides of my face in his hot soapy hands. Kissing again, deeper this time... hotter this time.

I break away.
"Can you do my back?" I ask innocently, while thinking some not-so-innocent thoughts. I turn around and close my eyes as he runs the soap up my spine and starts working my shoulders... lower... lower... until he's looking down and got the sides of my hips in his palms. I push back and feel his still-soapy chest against my back. I feel him breathing. Harder than before.

He reaches around with one hand and caresses my thigh. Slowly. Gently. Teasing me. I take his hand and guide it up my thigh, around the curve of my hip, and up to my chest. I close my eyes and tilt my head back to rest on his shoulder. He kisses my neck. Then I take his hand and guide it under mine... down again. Down my tummy, down down between my slippery wet thighs. He moans when he meets my hot, wet, slick, slit. I move his hand up and down slowly, deeper and my knees are weak...

I let go of his hand, reach forward and brace my hands against the cold shower wall, back curving concave. Inviting him. Waiting. And finally, I feel him. I feel his long, wet, cock so hard against my back. I can feel he wants me so bad. So I'll let him have it... I reach behind and pull him to me. He wraps his arms around me and one hand trails down to tease my clit. The other trails up my neck, tugs my wet hair and pulls my head away and back gently, kisses the back of my neck. And I can't take it anymore...

I reach behind me and grab his hard cock. I bend forward and guide it inside me...the soap helps it slide in slowly. He pushes the small of my back down and I brace the wall as he pushes it in. All the way. It hurts a little, but it feels so good. I feel the water run up my downslanting chest... cooler now. He must have turned the temp down for me... He pulls back and moans long as he must see such the amazing sight of me wet and soapy, bent over in the warm steamy shower as his cock slides in and out of my hot, tight pussy. Faster now, I can feel his hands pulling my hips back towards him, pushes them away and again and again....

I can feel his legs starting to shake and I hear his breathing getting thin... And all at once, he takes me by my long, wet, blonde hair and pulls me back and upward, and pushes me against the cold shower wall. I feel him start to shake behind me. Still inside me, he lets go of my hair, braces forward against the wall, and pushes me forward, his chest against my back, as he's still delving into me. With sudden strength, I feel him pull me back towards him. He pulls back, and with one more deep stroke, he shakes and moans as he comes deep inside me. We lurch forward, and I rest my temple against the cold tile... still feeling the water run down the back of our legs. He rests his head on the back of my shoulder. So good......

The quintessential shower fuck.

photoslayme 50M

8/12/2005 7:37 pm

You've just described the scene I fantasise about the most.
It gave me a shiver when I was reading and I tried to imagine it was me that was with you. My god, I wish I was in NY.

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