"Up The Island"  

LilBlondeNZ 40F
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7/29/2005 2:02 pm
"Up The Island"

So it's Friday afternoon and that only means one thing for me during this summer.. .escaping the Hamptons for the weekend. For those of you who don't know me, I'm living a very weird life this summer. I live in a big, mostly-empty, sharehouse the beautiful Hamptons South Fork area out on Long Island in New York during the week, and then go back west towards the city, to my apt near university on the weekends and I wait tables or work at the hospital for $$$. It's kinda expensive, but for me it was an investment in my sanity.

It's so nice and quiet here... beautiful beaches (both calm and rocky on the bay side and crashing ocean waves on the Atlantic side), winding roads past fields. Fresh farm stand corn on the BBQ for dinner. Idyllic. Trees. Weathered locals. People drive slow and there aren't many Walmart-ish strip malls. There are actual "towns" with a "Main Street"- I forgot what that was like.

I forgot how much I love solitude sometimes. And I can sit on my back deck in the middle of the black night and actually see stars. How long has it been since some of you actually saw stars in the sky? How long has it been since you looked?
It's been too long for me.

So now I'm packing up my stuff and getting ready to move out for the weekend so whatever random person can have my room. And I'm totally bummed that I have to go back to my other life "Up the Island". (I don't really know why people here always refer to westward locations as "Up" the Island. Really it's "Over", but I think I don't care. I like it.)

I think it's a time for a change...

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