"Love In the Time of Cholera"  

LilBlondeNZ 40F
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8/4/2005 3:12 pm
"Love In the Time of Cholera"

It's summer.

I laid out by the pool.
I had a summer romance.
I ate ice cream. (or "gelati" as they call it in Southampton (Well, la dee dah)
I watched heat lightning flash across my muggy NY sky.
I ran in a sprinkler.
I drank a bottle of pinot on my deck.
I watched Atlantic waves crash on the beach.
I took an afternoon nap in the AC. Naked.

So I've pretty much covered all requisite summer bases, but there's something missing.

I'm craving... books. Sick, but true. Years of "required summer reading" propeganda set in motion in english lit class (then called "Language Arts". Whatever...) But it's true. I crave books in August. Hardcover, paperback, chick lit, psycho thrillers, non-fiction... bring em on. And I usually pick at least one classic. I think this summer it will be "Love In the Time of Cholera". Sounds tragic and gross, but it might be good.

I wonder if Borders does more business in summer. I bet they do. From my sales alone!

(Maybe there's some sort of secret alliance between english lit teachers and bookeries?

LIguy4more 60M

8/5/2005 1:02 pm

Have you ever really experienced a thunderstorm? Have you?....
You can feel the steamy moisture, and the intense energy building up all around you. Strong electrical charges are exchanged as the two bodies of energy collide. After several strokes, those charges meet to become one, and the hot energy bursts into flashes of light. The sky brightens, and you begin to hear a low rumble, deep in the distance, as the storm slowly, but surely approaches. The sounds become sharper, as a magnificent lightning bolt shoots white hot heat out into it's many branches, until finally, a loud crash explodes in your ears. The air is instantly heated, and you are surrounded by brilliant flashes of light, intense energy, and the roar of thunder, bringing with it, sweet release, and the dance of raindrops....Think about it.

rm_SpartanQ 34M
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9/28/2005 1:59 pm

Hey, can you reccommend any good books?

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