Why Can't Some People Read????  

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1/9/2006 6:49 pm

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Why Can't Some People Read????

We haven't been hear long and already we have been plagued by single men,and not just single men,but that's another story.We make it clear in our profile that we are a couple seeking just Bi-fems and other couples,yet we still get tons of invites and E-mails everyday fron single guys.

It seems that all the guys that contact us really enjoy our pics,like we care,as they weren't put there for their ammusment.We don't even mind that they check the pics out as long as they don't E-mail us and tell us about it.If they have enough time to look at the pics they should have enough time to read the profile and see that we are not interested in the slightest little bit.

Time greatly wasted is how we feel.It seems to us, from what we've seen and heard that there are alot of singles and some couples looking for single guys,so wouldn't it be time better spent if they contacted those people that are interested instead of those of us who are not.Don't know maybe it's just us,Please let us know how u feel.

Like we said, we are new to this and we hope our comments don't offend,rather enlighten!!!!Please feel free to comment,every1 has an opinion!!!!

AlbertPrince 57M

1/10/2006 4:38 am

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