What Do U Think About OnThose Sleepless Nights???  

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1/11/2006 3:28 am

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What Do U Think About OnThose Sleepless Nights???

Another sleepless night and to much time to think.A recent medical condition has had me thinking a lot lately.Thinking of mistakes I've made,
things I've done,places I've been,and things I've seen,but mostly of the people and things I deal with in everyday life.Some of these things can't be missed and some are often overlooked.Here are just a few of the things that I think about,and some of my thoughts about them.Read if you like,
or just ignore me,it matters little me.Just thought I'd share with the group,so here goes.

Kids- We have had kids for 15yrs and they still seem to amaze me.Their constant eagerness to learn and explore new things,their minds are like little sponges soaking up knowledge as they grow.The way they try to fit in with the other kids and still try to be themselves.Their ability
to adapt to the world around them,and the endless
amount of energy they seem to have.Also the way the world never seems to bring them down them down,seems that everything starts over everyday at the sound of their alarm clock.They seem to be reflections of ourselves with a dash of individuality thrown in.How could something so great have came from me?? Damn, what I wouldn't give to be a kid again.

The MRS.- The GREATEST thing,besides my kids to ever come along in my life.Of course we do have the occasional difference of opinion or conflict of interests.Yes we do fight once in a while,and yes she does have those few little things that seem to annoy the hell out of me.But isn't that what makes relationships so great?? Some things about her, I just can't stop thinking about.The way she has stuck by me all these years,through the thick and thin,the rich and the poor times,and the good and the bad times.The way she always seems to see things on the bright side,the way she always seems to find a way to cheer me up, no matter how down I seem to get.The great mother she has become.The faces she makes when we
have sex.The way she always seems to find something good in a terrible situation.The way that she holds me and cries when she is upset.The way she feels when I cuddle against her at night,and how incredibly great she looks while she sleeps.The way she can wake up every day with a smile no matter how bad things get.The words she uses,the way she smells,the way she walks,and the 10million other things,that I don't have the time or energy to write about,but I think you get the point.What did I ever do to deserve such a LADY,and what would I ever do without her????

The Dog- A truly overlooked member of the family.
Dogs really are mans best friend.Those sad eyes they give you when they know they've done something wrong.The way they always seem to know when you don't feel good.The way they cheer you up
just when you need it.The way that they are always at your feet no matter how much anyone else likes you on that particular day.The way that they always seem to have time for you,given their busy schedule.Dogs always seem to have tons of love to go around no matter how many people are in their lives.The endless amounts of energy they have every day.The way they love you unconditionally and never ask anything in return.As they say dogs are truly mans best friend.Where else in the world today can one
get so much love with so little pay out???

Music-The emotion changer,and mood swinger.I'm not to sure about anyone Else's feelings on this one,but here goes.Music has always been the one constant in my life,from the time I was young.Have you ever been really down and a song came on the radio and by the time it was over your whole mood had changed.Music just always seems to fit no matter the time,the mood, or the situation,there always seems a be a song to go along with it or to change it for the better!!
No matter the occasion or the mood music has always seemed to help out.If you are down and need a boost,to high and need to come down a bit,
if you need to remember a person or time,or to forget about something on your mind,there always seems to be a song to help you along,or at least
that's my thoughts on the subject.Music has always
been,and will continue to be the one thing in life that can take me to the place I want to be at and to the time I want to be in.Music truly is an artist gift to the world!!!Does music do he same for you???

These are just a few of my thoughts on this,another sleepless night.Hope at least some of you feel the same about some of the things in your life.
Enough babbling from me already,and besides I can no longer call it a sleepless night,since it is after 6:00am.So it truly was a sleepless night.
Hope that at least some of you people out there find my comments and thoughts interesting,if not sorry for boring you,I'll try harder next time.
I can only hope that life has been as good to all of you and if not, for that I am truly sorry!!


1/11/2006 4:53 am

Thanks for the interest and the great comments,and glad I'm not the only 1 up all night.I wrote this one on my own but she is always with me and sits here as I reply to you.Thanks Again glad you enjoyed.

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