The Capital House  

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1/30/2006 2:34 pm

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The Capital House

It's been over 25 years now, but I still look back fondly at a couple of hours I spent with a young lady in a banquet room on the top floor of the Capital House in Baton Rouge. With all the renovations and changes they've made downtown, I'm not sure if it is even still there, but I can still see it in my mind as though it was yesterday. She was a petite blond, briliant smile, dreamy blue eyes, perky breasts, and a nicely rounded ass. I had met here one day in the mall at the store where she was working as a cashier. It was one of those import shops with the wicker chairs, persian rugs, and carvings of nude women carrying baskets on their heads. I had on a tee-shirt advertising for a woman to spoil me rotten and she decided to take me up on the ad. After a little small talk we made a date. I was living with another girl at the time and she was separted from her husband and living with her folks, so neither of us had a place to go. We went downtown and played a few games of pool, made out in a corner booth for a while, then went looking for a more secluded spot to get more intimate. I remembered a place where I had gone once before with another girl, a balcony on top of the Capital House. We decided to check it out. Now the Capital House was a bit unusual in that it was like one building in the lobby and most of the floors, but at the top, it was almost as if it was 2 different buildings. If you got in the wrong elevator, you might not end up where you wanted to be. We got in the wrong elevator. When we got to the top floor, there was no room leading to an elevator, but there was a banquet room. Carpet on the floor, lots of tables with white linen table cloths, plush chairs around them, and candles on the tables. No balcony, but full length windows overlooking the river and the levee covered by full length drapes. Just the two of us in this secluded spot. What the hell, why not here? Now I've always been a bit of an exhibitionist, but I'm not completely crazy, so we went behind the drapes.

Behind the heavy drapes, there was only the light from the moon and stars coming in the windows, but I could still see the sparkle in her eyes as we made out. After kissing a while, she pushed me back on the floor, unbuttoned my shirt and kissed her way down to my jeans. Unbuckled, unsnapped, unzipped and pulled down to my knees exposing my manhood standing at full height in the moonlight. She took me in her mouth without hesitation and proceeded to make love to that part of my anatomy. She licked and sucked, tongued her way around the head, in the hole, down the underside, and all around my balls. She took them in her mouth one at a time, then retraced her path back to the head. She swirled her tongue around the head angain, then plunged down the length taking all of me in her mouth. Soon it was too much to bear and I was cumming. Burst after burst shooting into the back of her throat. Not a drop was spilled. Then she came up and gave me a kiss. Long and deep, tongues tangling, and tantalizing one another. I could taste myself in her mouth, but I only hungered for more. Eventually I broke off the kiss and worked my way to here ear, then down here neck, my tongue darting in and out along the way. I fumble with the buttons on her bouse, but they fianally gave way, to reveal her beautiful breast bound by a dainty lacy bra. Not for long! Off it came to, and there before me were the most beautiful perky tits I had seen in a long time. Not too large, nor too small. Nice nipples, dark brown and about as big around as pencil erasers standing at full attention, begging for mine. Not one to keep a lady waiting, I took one in my mouth and the other between thumb and forefinger. I played with her nipples awhile, but my attention was needed else where and reluctantly, yet at the same time, eagerly departed to see what else lay in store. As I removed here pants and panties, a hint of strawberries filled the air. I glanced down at a neatly trimmed bush, moisture glistening in the moonlight and checked again. Strawberries. I lowered my face to my waiting prize, inhaled the aroma and dived into an awaiting feast. I was in heaven, she was wet in anticipation and tasted oh so sweet. Soon she was writhering and moaning in delight as I tongued my way deep into her honey pot, then swirled about her clit, and lapped up her gushing juices. All good things must come to an end, and so they did, but in this case only for another more enjoyable thing to take its place. I made my way back to her lips, tasting of her belly button and breasts along the way. I kissed here sharing her juices with her as she had shared mine with me. We kissed hungrily for what seemed an eternity, yet not long enough, then she grasp me and guided me to her waiting loins. First gently, then building tempo til I was thrusting for all I was worth, overcome with lust for this wanton beauty til we exploded in unison and colapsed in a pile of panting flesh.

Thankfully no one else had come in the room, or at least no one that we know of for surely we would not have known until they made their presence known. I saw here a couple more times, and would have married her, but she said I wouldn't be happy since she could not have any more kids and I wanted kids of my own. I eventually married the girl I was living with, but I still think of that night I spent having a feast of sex with a beautiful woman alone in a banquet room at the top of the Capital House. And if she should read this, I would love an encore performance with you any day.

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3/24/2006 1:55 pm

Think you could find that elevator again? Jill

IfOnlyThen 70F

4/3/2006 6:17 pm

Great story! Glad you have such an exciting memory.

The picture takes away from the story.

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11/15/2006 8:29 am

I still wish I could make you cum.

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