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8/21/2005 11:18 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Ladyleather77 HERE.
Hi to all blog readers. If you are interested in utilising colors for your blogs,Please comment.
If enough interest is there for colors, I will post directions on doing this, if no one else does.

Why not now...? O.K.(Can't wait! I like sharing)
Basically, use this example below.

example--- as in any below. (color any)
1.A NY

2.substitute your color choise where the word "any " is in the example.
3.A space between [color"space"darkblue]
Be sure your brackets are this type [ ]
Be sure you use all small case letters!
As simple as that. Use your imagination, and your favorite colors...
AND Have fun my friends.
Life is short...ENJOY!!!

Your Friend ...Ladyleather77

rm_catonine2005 44M

8/21/2005 9:39 pm

i just thought you had a pretty picture..the colors are a nice touch..beauty and talent...nice

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