Storm Whispers  

Kyrand 50M
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12/6/2005 7:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Storm Whispers

Sharp, biting winds caress her face
Turning tears into pieces of Ice
A cool silver moon washing away the darkness
Shadows give a fading contrast in the light

Chill white hands clutch at the stars
Lifted to the sky, calling for her dream to come
Eyes filled with longing and loss
Looking out over a land only seen in her mind

Cold winter winds whipping through the trees
Giving voice to the visions she sees
She walks among a court of trees
Seeing Princes and Ladies in dance

Seeing her Lover, a King, A Star
Standing looking up into the sky
Face lined with watery trails
Tears he cries while thinking of her

She reaches a hand, wiping the tears away
A smile like the Sun, a touch of love
Images fading, colors shift and blend
As the trees whisper and sing in the wind

Look deep into the trees of the forest
Into the shadows of the full moon
See the woman crying tears of Ice
Waiting for her dream to return

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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12/27/2005 6:03 am


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