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11/16/2005 10:34 am

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As long as I can remember, my nightmares have been vivid, potent, malignant and oftentimes quite real while existing within them. Have you ever had one of those nightmares where, even after waking, you still feel and sometimes even see the nightmare playing itself out? I’ve always assumed that nightmares as well as dreams were the outlet of the soul for our own personal inner turmoil and/or wishes we are either unable or unwilling to realize while we’re awake. How we interpret them is another matter entirely since we, as humans, tend to twist our perceptions to fit the lies we tell ourselves. I am not talking about only the lies we tell to cover our fears or guilt but also the lies we don’t even realize exist, having built them up throughout our lives, one upon another until they become real to us. As I’ve heard said “Tell a lie long enough and we can convince ourselves that it’s the truth”. I believe that dreams and yes, nightmares, come from these places in our minds where truth and lies become mixed, indistinguishable from one another within the morass of our emotions, released to play while we sleep.

This is a nightmare I had from my early teen years, recurring regularly into my 20’s until one day I decided to sit and write it down to try to understand it.


Sometimes I forget how dark it can get. We had come to see what everyone was talking, or should I say whispering about. No one said anything out loud or in public, it was all just whispers and rumor. Rumor had it that the house was filled with evil and terrible things. People said that things happened there that would scare the devil himself, or that the devil was in the house. It changed depending on what rumor you heard. I had come to find out for myself. The trees around us were frightening and I had to fight to keep from running home. Up ahead, the house was bright and there were screams and shouting as well as music coming from it. Creeping closer, hiding behind bushes and trees, I try to get a closer look. Maybe I could look into one of the windows, maybe I could really see what was happening. The music is so loud, but it has a very deep beat to it. I remember something like it from movies I have seen. We clasp hands and I feel a little better. She has always been at my side, whenever I needed someone. Quietly we sneak forward to the edge of the house and peek into a window. God, it is so... clenching my eyes closed, I feel her hand trembling in mine and I hear whimpering. I have to take her away from this place, I have to protect her. We turn and start to move away and suddenly realize we are not alone. All around us are people, standing in a circle holding torches and other lights. I hear her scream and we begin to run. I see no escape and so run into the house, hoping to go out the other door. We run through rooms filled with terror. People torturing people, people with no cloths having sex and more, running through rooms coated in blood, children crying, screams as their bodies are used and thrown away. My eyes burn from the smoke and heat of their screams as behind us we hear the others following, chasing us through the house. They are laughing and yelling. I see the front door and run towards it and through. Once out the door, we see another building across the street and hope that there is someone that will help us. Running to the door, we pound and yell, crying hot tears and wishing it all away. The door opens and a policeman smiles at us. We push past and scream for help but they all just look and smile. I don't understand, why wont they help? I hear the people coming closer; see their torches wink in the darkness. Fearfully, we run out the back, into the woods and into the black night hoeing to hide forever, to escape this awful place. I tell her to hide, pushing her beneath a bush and covering her with leaves. I pray they will not find her, and thus, take away what is my life. Running back, I see faces and shadows in the torchlight, dots of light moving through the trees. Hoping to lead them away, I scream and see them begin to run towards me, shouting like hounds in a hunt, laughter and song. You can almost hear the horns call at the sighting of the fox, the baying of the hounds at the scent of their prey. Turning, I run, through the trees, feeling them slap against my face, the taste of blood on my lips where the branches have cut my skin. I can feel their hot breath on my neck and know they are close. Into a field I run and realize I have to hide. It is almost sunrise and I have to hide so they will not find me in the light. Beneath an old car, I move and press under it, in the disappearing darkness, all but invisible in the shadows. I see their lights, and I see their faces within those lights. They move all around me, so close I fear to breathe. The sun starts to come up as I sit in my hiding place, beneath the car. I hope I lead them away, I hope she is safe. In the distance I see a man, and my mind loses itself. All I can do is look at him and I know within my soul, that I have already died. Like a rabbit, springing from its hiding place, I run. Before me I see a forest of Ash Trees standing straight and tall. If I can but reach them, I know I will be safe, out of the reach of him, that man. I run, and run but it feels like I am running through syrup, so slow, so very slow. Looking behind me, no one is chasing, no one is trying to stop me. They just stand there, watching me run. Then I see Him, standing, watching me. I am almost there, so close I can smell the leaves, so close. Once more I look back, and see Him lift a rifle, long and cold, made of steel and oak, polished to a shine, precious and deadly. Slowly, with deliberate ease, he smiles at me, knowing I see him. Closer, oh my lord, I can almost touch them, the trees of my safety. I watch as he pulls the trigger, I hear the discharge and reach with all my body and soul, for the trees before me. A Finger touch, bark smooth as satin, A ripping, hollow scream, flesh burning as the bullet hits my back. I Sit up, sweat dripping off my brow, screaming in pain as my mind remembers, still living the nightmare, still feeling, still seeing as He smiles and turns away. I see him walking back into the trees, back to that house. God, I hope she got away, I hope she is safe. Please.


After writing it down, the dream stopped and I haven’t had it since. Interesting how the mind works, don’t you think?

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11/21/2005 10:21 am

eeeek....nightmares can be creepy! i have learned...when i have nightmares i talk in my sleep! and i cry out sometimes...

i have even had repeating ones...but ended different every time....still as frightening!!

live more, laugh often, love much

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