New Life  

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New Life

The trip across the state had been a long one. Tired and hungry, Beth decided it was time to get some rest, her eyes heavy and closing involuntarily as she drove. Pulling off at the next rest area, she looked for an empty space, seeing many cars parked around, but no movement in any of them. The night was dark and quiet, which was typical for 4am she thought to herself. Putting the car in part, she turned off the key. The nighttime sounds filling the emptiness, birds chirping quietly, the sounds of crickets in the grasses around the rest area. Stepping out of her car, Beth made her way to the restroom to relieve herself after the many cans of coke she had used to keep herself awake with. Stepping into the washroom, Beth reached out to turn on the light and felt a hand grab her wrist, pulling her into the darkened room. Too startled to scream, she felt herself falling to the floor and then a smelly cloth was shoved into her mouth tied on by a rough piece of some type of rope. Gaining back a sense of survival, Beth began to rise, only to be pushed back to the floor and the weight of someone’s leg lain across her shoulder blades, pinning her to the floor. She struggled against the weight only to feel her arms being pulled behind her and tied tight with what felt like leather cord. “What is happening to me”, Beth screamed in her mind. This was not supposed to happen. Where were the people, the police? Someone. ANYONE..

Beth felt a hood being drawn over her head in the darkness, but it changed nothing. She had been unable to see anything since she was pulled into the dark restroom. It had happened so quickly. So suddenly that she hadn’t even had time to react. And now, here she was tied up and gagged, shaking with terror. She felt hands sliding over her body, checking her pockets. The roaming fingers would stop along her body, touching… her ass was squeezed and then she felt her identification being taken from her back pocket. The sounds were muffled but she could hear the persons breathing, ragged and harsh. And then the soft whispers as he leaned down beside her and said “Soon you will begin your new life, little whore… you are exactly what I have been looking for.”…. Beth’s whole body convulsed with terror at his words. Flashes of memories in her mind, images of her family, her mother and father. And memories of stories she had read in the papers about girls being and killed… all this adding to her terror. Her body began to shake and sweat making her clothes damp. She was pulled roughly to her feet and felt a chain being wrapped around her neck. Hearing as something clicked closed and then being pulled forward, through the darkness. The time seemed to slow down as she stumbled along, unable to call out and knowing she was so close to all the people sleeping in their cars. A car door opened and she was shoved into it. Falling onto her stomach across the seat, her legs being lifted and the door slammed behind. Getting in, the person started the car and began driving. Beth began to struggle but all she accomplished was the soft chuckle of her captor watching her feeble attempts. Beth tired quickly and fell into a nightmarish slumber, so tired. So very tired.

When she awoke, Beth found herself still tied, gagged and blind under the hood. The car rumbled down what seemed to be very rough road. Perhaps a dirt road she thought to herself. After what seemed like hours the car rolled to a stop and her captor left the car with its occupant in the back seat. Silence descended on Beth, cloaked in darkness and alone. The nightmares of her restless sleep haunting her. Nightmares filled with images of her body being and cut, left for dead in some ditch. Suddenly the car door opened and she was pulled roughly off the seat and onto her feet. Stumbling, a strong arm caught her before she could fall to the ground and held her up until she could remain standing. She heard a deep voice say “Welcome to your new life, little whore”. The man began to pull her, the chain around her neck forcing her to walk wherever he led. After a few moments, the man stopped and she heard him attaching the chain to something metallic. Walking back over to her, the hood was suddenly removed, revealing a lush landscape. Trees surrounded a beautiful log cabin, a corral filled with horses off to the side of the house, and she could see a beautiful lake off in the distance. The man was standing before her. Tall, at least 6’5” and all muscle. He looked hard and worn like someone who knew the trials of life and how to survive. Dark haired and sharp sparkling eyes with a stern face showing the raw power earned through many struggles. Beth couldn’t help but feel cowed by the strength standing before her. The man looked reached behind her and cut the bindings on her arms. Beth brought her hands up and rubbed at the chaff marks where the leather had cut into her skin. She reached up to remove the gag but the man reached out and took a fistful of her hair and stopped her with a single word “No”. Standing there terrified. Beth was frozen. She saw that around her neck was a steel chain locked closed with a padlock and the chain was attached to a large ring imbedded in the trunk of a nearby tree.

The man stepped back and said “Undress, little whore”. Beth was frozen with fear, standing there unmoving the man reached across to a table behind him and picked up a long stick of wood, thin and supple it moved like a whip, wrapping itself around her upper thighs. Beth thought she would die. The pain was so intense that even through her clothing she knew in her heard that her skin was sliced open. Falling to the ground with a scream, Beth tried to crawl back, away from the lash. Finding that the chain held her easily within reach of the Man and his wooden whip. The stranger looked at her, huddled at the length of the chain and said once again “Strip, little whore”. Beth lay there sobbing in pain and fear. The man sighed, raising the wooden lash again and laid it across Beth’s back. Beth cried out with intense pain, feeling as if her back was laid open to the bone by the lash of the whip. Scrambling, she ripped off her clothes, screaming “Please! No more!” When she had removed all but her bra and panties, Beth crawled to her feet and stood before her captor. The man shook his head and Betts whole body burned red with humiliation as her hands fumbled with her bra. Reaching behind, she unclasped the straps and let the bra fall from her shoulders, holding it over her breasts till the last possible moment, she finally let it slip off and fall to the ground before her. Covering her breasts with one arm, she clumsily slid her panties off, moving her hand to cover the soft patch of hair between her thighs. The man nodes, and raises the whip causing Beth to pull back in abject fear but the look in the mans eyes stops her from moving far. He stoops down and picks up the clothing and throws them into the car, closing the door and then getting in and driving off, leaving Beth standing nude and terrified, alone in this strange place.

The hours pass, Beth tries to free herself by pulling on the connection to the tree. Finding it pointless, since the locks are solid, she explores the area around her. Fear of what would happen if she removes the gag, she leaves it on remembering the look on the mans face when she tried to take it off the last time. She finds a little within the reach of her confining chain, so sits at the base of the tree, futilely attempting to cover her nakedness. Night settles slowly and she wearily leans against the tree… looking around she begins to feel uncomfortable. It had been a long time since she’d been able to relieve herself. And her body is letting her know. Getting to her feet she moves around, behind the tree she squats down and releases her muscles, feeling the wetness of her own urine flow from her body. Thanking the maker that no one is around, she sighs, feeling the relief from the pressure inside her body. She feels the need to shit as well, but can not bring herself to do that in the open like this so holds it. A soft chuckle sounds from behind her and she spins, standing quickly to find the man standing there with a video camera, taping her. So startled that she forgot to stop peeing, the warm liquid flows down her legs to puddle at her feet. Stunned and utterly humiliated, she stands before her captor, shaking and exhausted.

Reaching up the Man unlocks the chain and begins to lead the grief stricken woman towards the corral beside the house. Beth follows meekly, her mind awash with the shame and humiliation of being taped as she peed. Upon reaching the edge of the corral, the man takes Beth’s hand and lifts it up, attaching it to a ring in the wooden poles of the corral walls. First one and then the other wrist are shackled securely to the metal rings leaving Beth spread with her face to the wooden rails. Looking behind her she sees the man fetch his long thin wooden whip and walk towards her. Eyes gone wide with fear, she shakes her head desperately and struggles to free herself from the bindings. The man walks up to her and in a calm, deep voice says “I must show you what you will receive if you disobey me, little whore… from the moment I took you from your old life and brought you into your new one, you became my property. Your very life depends on my good wishes and the punishment for disobedience is harsh and painful. But you will never understand that until you have experienced it and so I will show you and perhaps avoid ever having to punish you in the future.” Stepping back, the man lifts the wooden whip high behind his head and begins to whip her. Methodically covering her from shoulders to feet with the long thin welts left by the strong thin wooden lash. Each blow landing upon Beth’s body leaves a line of burning flame to her senses transforming her world into a blaze of anguish. All her strength leaving her, she hangs from the corral wall, her body grunting and writhing beneath the methodical and intense attentions of the man and his lash. The world spins and darkness finally enshrouds her world, drawing her down into nightmares.

Sounds grow, filling her waking mind with birdcall and the faint rustle of the leaves as the wind brushes through the trees of her prison. Waking slowly, Beth finds herself chained back where she was, lying at the base of the tree. Her back throbbing with intense pain as every move sends spikes of agony through her body. Lying very still, Beth opens her eyes and looks around her. Seeing the sunshine filling the glen where she lays with soft light. Her mind can’t seem to grasp how such a beautiful place could be her prison. Looking up, Beth sees the door of the cabin open and the Man walk across the grass to stand before her. Looking down at her he says “I’m sorry that the lesson had to be such a harsh one, but I think now you will remember and understand what will happen if you disobey me. “ He reaches down and with a gentleness she didn’t expect, softly caresses her face. Fear causes her to pull away, causing the man to sigh in an almost sad fashion. Kneeling beside her he begins to talk.

“I want you to understand some things, little whore. The life you knew is over, who you were and what you wanted. Those things are all gone. You are now a slave. Your new life will be devoted to pleasing the Master who takes you. Your nights and days dedicated to serving and obeying him. I will train you in the ways of your new life, and you can make it easier by accepting that what was your life is over and you will never again be free to make your own choices. If you try to fight against that reality, I can only promise you more pain like what you felt earlier. Please try to accept your new life, little whore, because it is the only one you will ever know from this point on.” Standing, the man takes the chain from its ring in the tree and lifts Beth by it until she gains her feet. The pain in her back flaring with every beat of her heart making her eyes swirl and the light dance before her. The man looks into her eyes and says; “Now we will begin your training, little whore. “ He leads her into the cabin where she finds an array of
whips, crops, shackles and items she can’t even dream of identifying. The Man leads her to the center of the room and says, “You have no name until your new Master gives you one. Until then you will answer to and address yourself as Little Whore, do you understand me”. Tears flow from Beth’s eyes and with the memory of the whip as well as the pain flaring on her back and legs fresh in her mind, she says “Yes” in a very soft voice. The man looks at her with eyes sparkling with intensity, lifts a crop from the table beside him, laying it with blazing speed across Beth’s soft breasts and says, “The proper response is Yes, Master”

And her training begins…..

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