Whose the expert when it comes to sex?  

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12/30/2005 6:37 pm

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Whose the expert when it comes to sex?

Sometimes I wonder about sex. If I am getting what I am suppose to out of it.
Do you often wonder about those Quizzes you see in a magazine?
And you wonder if the folks who are writing those quizzes are experts at sex. My next question is how do you become expert at sex? Well doing research I have found out, All Hidden truths about those Racy Quiz’s and Hot experts.
Did you know, that those little 10 question quizzes, are mearly a catch eyes to sell the magazine? Sex is the easiest to sell, it grabs men and women of all ages.
There is not physiological backing. They get you thinking! And make you wonder are you getting what you are suppose to out of sex. Sex is a hot topic since way back, why wouldn’t it be . . . It feels so good. Your true experts is within you, what you like and how you like it and how often.
So I enjoy my sex buddy, the foreplay is outstanding we have a blast with the things we do. So maybe I am getting what I am suppose to out of sex. Those quizzes make you think don’t they? Remember you know what you like you are expert of your sexual quiz.
Remember variety is the spice of life. If sex is making you think throw in a little extra, don’t take a quiz, you know what you want!

Good luck and remember you are expert to your sexual quiz.

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