whats with all the nigerian women named Smith? lookout for them  

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11/16/2005 5:34 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

whats with all the nigerian women named Smith? lookout for them

Hey whats up everybody? Imposting this because several times now and not just on this site(yahoo too), im meeting women who say they are living in Nigeria. Most of them have the same last name(Smith)and they have some sort of financial trauma. Like they are stuck over there and need somone to help them leave. When chatting you can obviously tell that something is way way wrong. The women go righ tfor your throat, meaning they play your emotions right away. Like the person on the other end is reading a book on how to manipulate an American man. My first encounter the girl said she caught her husband with another woman and she was very upset. Talking about killing herself and whatnot. Then telling me that show absolutely loved me to death. Here's the freaky part. That all happened in one hour of meeting here and chatting on IM. Next day she said she needed me to recieve an electronic check from her uncle in the UK and then western union her the cash ($3000)so she could buy a plane ticket home. Well she said that she needed my FULL name so her uncle couild do it. I refused and she flipped out, really trying to play on my emotions. (LOL, yeah right)I tried everything I could to ask why she needed me and why her uncle couldnt just wire her the money blah blah. I mean I tried everything I could to flush this girl out. She pulled every card out that she had to get me to feel guilty. Added up these conversations took about 3 hours total and thats how long I even knew the person. Well I began to laugh at it and cut contact with her. Another contacted me on yahoo out of the blue telling me she had to switch 7.5 million into her name and just recently another on here AdultFriendFinder contacted with a simalar story and last name Smith. Im posting this because it obviously is some sort of scam and possibly terrorist. So please everyone be careful and Im very interested to see if anyone else has encountered this problem

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11/19/2005 5:35 pm

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