What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?  

KunningLingual1 59M
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7/30/2005 4:18 pm

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5/5/2010 8:54 pm

What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?

I think it's your mind... (apologies to Frank Zappa)

Anyhoo, there I was, perusing profiles and blogs, searching for inspiration. Sha-wiingggg! Very inspiring, but not for this bloggy purpose. However, soon enough, inspiration move me brightly!

Ridiculous expectations, bitching, moaning and whining in blogland. I see women blog-bitching about all guys looking for young big-boobed nympho Barbies. Yet the same women, despite the fact that they are admittedly somewhere between large and extra padded, are looking for a GQ hairless muscular guy with a giant schlong, Fabio with a penis. Get real, darlin'!

I don't see the guy bloggers bitching as much about the women with unrealistic expectations. Instead they just whine about not getting responses to emails, winks and network invites. I know a blog entry like this one from a Dallas area guy makes all ladies want to check out this fellow's goodies: "What is wrong with this world. I send about 5 to 6 e-mail a day and get maybe a response of about 1 a week. what is wrong with just use quick replay and say not on your life or sorry you do not appeal to me or you are too far a way or I am just looking for woman at this time that way I know you are reading your mail not just deli it" Whiney, pathetic, semi-literate...even a profile picture that combined Johnny Depp with Johnny Holmes' package isn't going to get any action with this sort of pitiful attitude.

Guys flock around women on this site like buzzards circling roadkill. Combine that with extremely limited emailing for standard members and guys are just not going to get the responses to mails that you hope for. It's not about courtesy or politeness, it's just a matter of practicality. You can always try again, some women really do appreciate a persistent man, but stay pleasant and upbeat...no lady wants to be stalked by a guy who's calling her a bitch, especially when he can't write in the first place!

I know my experience has been that I've had a lot of fun with women I thought really were not my "type." Sure, we all have things that we like (mmmmmm, big boobs!) and things that are dealbreakers (women who weigh more than I do), but otherwise we can all be a lot happier if we keep our range of acceptable dates kind of broad! I had a very hot several year relationship with a woman who I thought was out of my age range...ha! Heck, I never go out on a date expecting anything more than a pleasant time with a new person. Most are merely that, a very few are hurry up and get out of there, and some are electric and sexy as hell.

As for getting responses to emails, network invites, etc., it's no biggie. I can take a hint, although I will keep saying hello to someone I really feel attracted to until I'm told no. There's a fine lady now...she's going to succumb to my charms soon! Or tell me to go away. No biggy, certainly nothing to whine about.

Just remember boys and girls, nobody likes a whiner!

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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7/30/2005 10:15 pm

Tell 'em boyh!!!

greeneyes23232 60F

11/20/2005 11:23 am

It's so REFRESHING to find such intelligence here...and you're so FUNNY too! I wish you weren't so far away...I'd love to meet/talk over a glass of wine w/you.

mm0206 69F
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12/23/2005 10:00 am

I still am sticking to my own requirement... intelligence .. first and foremost....a pretty face doesnt necessarily make for good convo over a light zinfadel,

Besides......if he can get pass my ugly knees, I will learn to appreciate what ever scarred, dehaired or hairy, twisted, or knarled appendage he might have.
BTW... I like large men, enjoy them even.....so no bitchin here..lol


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