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3/17/2006 11:12 pm

J insists of a degree of prudence ‒ he plans to be with me as we grow old. Without a hint of cruelty, he explained that he didn’t want me to end up, my pussy stretched beyond recovery, the lips leathery from waxing and shaving, with a prolapsed rectum from excessive reaming and skin weathered dry and, tough by spankings and spunk-showers...It’s no worse than him telling me he doesn’t want me to end up a fat old nag...

To ward off obesity I go to the gym and watch what I eat ‒ so it makes sense to extend that principle. I exercise my pussy muscles ‒ by flexing them and regularly using weighted balls in place for several hours. My grooming routine attempts to redress for the punishments meted on my flesh. Oils, lotions and treatments slathered on every inch of me.

One of the many reasons I dislike the term ‘slave’ is the image it conjures up ‒ black leather, shaved heads and bad shoes ‒ Yuk.

J and I both agree that I look attractive, dress in a becoming manner and behave nicely ‒ he wants people to think highly of his asset. I want him to be proud of me and consider it my duty. I have my pussy waxed, tans applied, facials and regular hair appointments. My job is interesting ‒ part-time so as not to interfere with my real obligations.

The importance falls largely in my clothing, I have to balance my ensemble with decency laws and so on. For parties and at home the outfits are more obvious, still not bad clich├ęs of retro porn movies. Tiny black dresses with thigh boots and no panties or heels with sheer tops and jeans, obvious but socially acceptable when we are out locally, more

My ass is still engaged in the daily business of recreation with but it only is fucked or substantially stretched when a condition demands it.

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