The Beginning  

KrystleLynn20 31F
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11/17/2005 6:42 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Beginning

It's almost been a week since I left my guy, and I've already been with 4 guys. At first i thought it was kinda slutty and insensitive, but then I realized how good it felt. I dont want the excitement to end. I had sex with my first black guy on Saturday, and it was incredible. I swear to god it went on for like, 4 hours, and man he knew how to work it. If only i can find more guys like that guy.

sexyjoni13 29M
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11/17/2005 9:06 pm

Just to say i have never had a black girl but, id be telling the truth if i told you i could keep you more than 4 hours, i once lasted 12 hours and i died for a day but it was well worth it, my girlfriend is verry sex orientated...she walked into me while i was on the computer and threw a condom at me i laughed and she stormed off. later she was talking to my friends in the same room and talking bout sex, she happened to turn around and say that i wouldn give her sex even when she threw the condom at me. i have to admit i got angry that she held the incident against me, so there it was i got a long hard one and i grabbed her and dragged her into my bed room and threw her on the bed, i started kissing her realy passionatly as my hands creaped thier way all over her body,

smoothly and softly i carresed her pert breasts, her nipples got hard under her t-shirt, my eyes had such a smile in them. my hand creaped down to her crotch area to find she was soaked even over her beautiful little red number and her browny green combats, i rejoiced in my head at this as i softly rubbed her pussy. i suddenly got up and told her i had to use the toilet, i got such a longing and angry look but i didn care she was about to get her fill.

i left the room and used the toilet, on my travels back to my room i lifted my laptop some food and my newly stolen"DO NOT ENTER" sign, passing the room my friends alex and chelsea were in i said ill talk to you later they laughed and said to go away they were bout to have fun themselves,(they had no idea what i was at). i walked into the bed room set the stuff on the ground and told my girl we were goin to watch a movie on my laptop and eat some food, she nodded to me approvingly. so as i sat on the bed i noticed her clothes on the ground so i decided to tease her by eating and setting up my laptop to watch a movie. once everything was set up i got under the blanket still not looking at her and pressed play on the dvd,
(mr & mrs smith) i commented on how hot angelena jolie looked my girl agreed.

i sat back on the bed and turned to look at her, she was stark naked, i asked her"why are you naked" she replied "grrrr i have been sitting like this for ages and your only noticing now, its just A REALLY BIG HINT" , wow i couldn believe how good she looked but back to the story, lol, well i told her i knew i was just teasing her, and there it was the look of BASTARD lol i laughed and she pounced on me kissing me so softly i still couldn believe i had such a great girl lying this way on my bed. she tied my arms up softly with a silk dressing gown strap. hmmm now i know why girls like silk.. she covered my eyes and started caressing my body and rubbing herself on my now hard and pulsating member........hold on i need to light up a cigarette........ok well now i was the one under that pillow covering my eyes with the look of bastard as she has made me so horney my balls have started to get sore, she slowly undid my belt and took off my trousers and boxer shorts(not boasting or anything but my cock was so hard its was peeking out of my new calvin kline boxers so little billys head was now above my boxersand the other 6 inches was perfectly tucked away), i call him little billy because he really does grow to become king william.....anyways ill stop straying from the story.....she now lifted up my t-shirt kissing me with her soft and perfect lips all over my stomach and down to my hip bone wow it felt so good!! (my balls are really sore now) she moved up to lick my own nipples (guys like that too) her pert breasts were now rubbing against my cock while it let out a little juice(i didnt cum if thats what your thinking) she took notice of this and she licked the head all the juice off the head of my cock wow again!! she now lifted little billy up moving her hand up and down slowly on him (this girl is amazing even though im the only guy she has ever been with)she no takes me into her mouth and sucks slowly all the way to the bottom of billys head, it feels really good, im so big she strugles to get any further down my length but she perserveers<<cant spell lol.. she now does a deep throat being carefull not to gag now talking all of my 9 inches (big then but i am pleased to say im now 1/2 inch bigger since then great but anoying when i get a boner in a public place) she takes me to the brink of cumming but i hold myself off soo hard for a guy as my balls were bursting now.

she now moves up my body kissing my along the way untill she takes away the pillow covering my eyes and kisses me so passionatly that i feel like im gonna cum only she is not actually touching my member just stradling over it. i take my own hands out of my tied up position and run them down her back to her perfect ass (not too small not too big, curvy and soft) i pull her down onto me and kiss her even more vigorisouly and passionate. i sit up still kissing her and then pushed her body back kissing her breasts softly and moving down to her stomach darting my toungue into her bellybutton, she lets out a soft moan of approval. i turn her around and lay her on the bed exposed to me, but i dont go into her yet i start kissing her again while i rub her clit, she is moaning a little louder now by this time my friends next door have finished an hour has passed by god time flies when your having fun...i move my hand away from her clit and i start to mow kiss it not too hard just right so she is moving her hips up so my mouth has now covered her clean shaven pussy i dart my toungue around exploring all of her clit and into her vigina, she mow lets out a little squeal and moan as her vigina pulsates and squirts a little love juice into my mouth and suprisingly tastes great i want more of her juice so i carry on untill she has sqirted into my mouth about 3 times (by god she can cum) i now lift the silk ribbon she used to tie me up with and i start to insert it into her pussy bearing in mind im only experimenting but she is moaning with pleasure i finally get all but a tiny bit of into her vagina and i start to rub her clit untill she is now shaking like a vibrator and just before she cums again i pull the ribbon out fast untill she cums so vigiorsly the headboard of the bed bangs off the wall i hear my friend laughing nextdoor but i carry on anyway regardless.

i now slip on a condom and i slide into her pussy slowly and she cums again how lucky she is to cum so much i wish as a guy i could. but i cant. anyways we carry on at all speeds all positions i cum three times and bearing in mind we started at 4.00pm its now 4.00am and we both colapse in eachothers arms and sleep. i love this girl so i can tell you now i can dam sure make a long nite of ssex last longer than four hours.

from your lovable little sexyjoni13 xxxxxxxxxxx

random_46 31M
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11/17/2005 11:52 pm

You sound like a fun girl. Hit me up at my screen name at the yellow smiley face or M//S//N

rm_lickmepretty 50F
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11/19/2005 10:37 pm

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stretchnuts2005 34M

11/20/2005 10:18 pm

4 hours ha ha ha ha

UdderPuttyBiped 37M
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11/25/2005 5:58 am

Well, I can't promise 4 hours, but I can definitely make it worth the time. Let me know if you're still looking for action.

BixinTriosGreta 36M
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1/30/2006 11:38 pm

The first night I was with my girlfriend we went at it for about 4 hours with three of that of me actually screwing her the first hour just foreplay. Sometimes the first time with someone just lasts longer we haven't reached near four hours recently but time constraints put a damper on things most of the time. Congrats on getting your brains fucked out on a good first fuck.

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