What weekend?  

Kristofer32 46M
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4/3/2006 5:42 am
What weekend?

Here I am about to embark on one more working week of my life and I am thinking to myself I spent entirely too much time this last weekend under the influence of intoxicating beverages. Life is too short to live in a chemically induced haze. You know though, as mad I was on Friday with the attorney, I think today I am at least in the frame of mind to refrain from conflict and move on knowing it is one step closer toward an end.

On the bright side, yesterday was a gorgeous day in the mountains of Colorado and an even better day to crawl in the airplane and lose myself in thought. Snowcapped peaks and the spring thaw beginning to send water down the rivers and creeks. A picture that cannot be painted with words, or at least that I cannot paint with my words. It is spring for certain and I am truly excited with the idea of everything being green again and with the thought that in the near future there may actually be the opportunity to frustrate myself chasing a little white ball. I am so looking forward to the green of summer.

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