What a day...  

Kristofer32 46M
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4/19/2006 5:02 pm
What a day...

Damn am I glad my career is not what one of my degrees is...accounting. I talked to some of those people and as always in this world of procrastination, they did more business by midnight monday than they will for the remainder of the year. I work a bunch, but accountants this time of year...I don't think there is enough alcohol, vacations, sex, anything to make it worth it. So here I am, gloating about not having to work that hard and I spent some time reading the local rag out of Pueblo and here goes my soapbox again. The downtown water park...I don't kayak, but what a kick in the ass. Man does that look fun, and what a great use of recreational water. Then I go on reading the article and find that due to the drought there may not be water...understandable. Then here comes the smack on the scum sucking bottom dwellers. Those folks, for lack of a better word, soaked the Pueblo tax paying citizens for eight hundred thousand, yes that is five after the eight and there is no provision of protection for the citizens that use the park. What a deal. What makes a lawyer worth that kind of money for a job that can only be described as half-assed complete? Toss my ivy league MBA and send me to law school in the next life. Hell they compare themselves to sharks...one of my biggest passions...though not near as noble as any shark. $800,000.00. I guess I am glad I don't pay taxes in Pueblo.

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