Somewhere I missed the flippin' boat...  

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5/15/2006 3:42 pm

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6/2/2006 2:57 pm

Somewhere I missed the flippin' boat...

I get it...blogs are not a place to be candid and honest. Hell no, when half the people here are here for reasons that escape me and the others I just have not figured out yet there is something wrong with what my individual perception of this thing is all about. I came here, oh yeah anyone who read any of my earlier posts would realize this, to blow off steam and express opinions. Somewhere I have managed to offend some persons and I am not sure I understand. My profile description does it I guess...I write preferences and I guess this in not a free country and I am not allowed to write those preferences. I guess the time I spent in the service of this country was just wasted and to no avail. Well, you know what, piss on it, I have been in a situation where the person I was with could talk about the day to occurances almost as well as the average fourth grader. I am not Einstein, but I follow basic day to day events and will never again settle for someone without at least a basic understanding of the world around us.

I am so sorry I offended anyone by describing a personal preferance of wanting more intellect than an average sponge...I could have said cobwebs for brains...air between ears...any number of things to get that point across, but it is MY preference and right now, until the lawyers get done bending me over the table sans KY, I need conversation not anything that will cost me more than this already is costing. Sorry if I have a PERSONAL preference for active people, but there is only so much TV a person can watch with so much going on around us.

To hell with it, I will make sure I post nothing on any blog that might even for one instance be considered an opinion...political...or a position of experience. I will hence forth be MOTO-- Master of the Obvious-- then there is no WAY to offend anyone...notwithstanding my own sense of personal remorse for a person with nothing to say other than that of the very obvious.


Blue_eyes_smile 42F

5/15/2006 5:22 pm

There is nothing wrong with setting personal perferences for yourself, you are who you are and you know what you like. Atleast you stand out from the rest! If these person(s) get offended well, I guess they will get over it. Good Luck

Kristofer32 replies on 5/16/2006 5:32 am:
Thanks for the vote of confidence...after yesterday I needed something to calm me down. Thanks for the compliment, too. Nice to know I can stand out a little.

Good luck to you and have some fun!

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