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0.7 ??? What a pisser, I mean, Tom Cruise or Pete "maverick" Mitchell, talked about Mach 2 with his hair on fire. Why the hell does he get Mach 2 and I have to settle for Mach 0.7? A lousy 450 kts. Mach two and I could be in Cozumel in an hour. I don't know something about the FAA, and the way a sonic resonance will break windows and make noise disturbances...picky damn government.

I am just griping to gripe, it's all good, I am just needing a fix...too long since I have seen Cozumel, too long since I have been diving, and too damn long since I have had both of the above and the time to relax that goes with it.

I tell you, there are some really interesting things that go on in this little Blog world...but I am still staying with my opinion there are just no people in the world within 200 miles of me that are in the same frame of mind. I did a search the other day, just for general purposes, to see how many females are "here." I have to admit, my current situation has left me in a situation where a friends situation is all I can really handle, and I am NOT talking FWB, so maybe this site is not the right venue...

Then I get here to the blogs. There are people that have real things to say about real issues. People issues, nature issues, even political issues. Now politics is something I LOVE to discuss. One of my favorite blogs discussed the new Ann Coulter book and how an extreme rightist like Coulter can be closed minded...Well Kelli, I would love the opportunity to discuss the book...while I can't say I agree with the self-annointed "Chariman" Ann, I love to be the devil's advocate with political issues. There is just something that gets my brain engaged when talking about our political system which is always in a state of SNAFU. You can be from the religious right or the environmental left and I will argue with you as if I am the could be a fence-riding individual who takes no stance and I bet I could get you to take one...We can discuss the war the Shrub propogated for Daddy and its constant state of TARFU, or we can go for the whole enchilada and discuss domestic issues, like a blogger who somehow tried to attach a stigma of drinking, rent rates in NYC and the ability to get ahead or even the omnipresent issue of late, immigration and the political state of FUBAR. Oh politics...SNAFU...TARFU...FUBAR, just a graduating state of mess. (Maybe I just like any acronym that would include as one of its words another acronym that has evolved into a catch all phrase for anything and is supposed to be some puritanical curse for sex out of wedlock)

Oh I am rambling wonder I have not had a post for so long...I am starting to think my brain had joined Tim O'Leary's and I am trying to get by with too much mush for grey matter.


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7/5/2006 11:57 pm

hmmm... the chick above me must have long boobs or more flexible than i am???

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