Time on my hands...  

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5/9/2006 12:02 pm

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Time on my hands...

You promise me warm-up, you promise me force, you promise me tenderness. I haven’t let myself really think a whole lot about it either way. I just know it will be good no matter which way it goes.
But then you show up on my doorstep one night, when I’m not expecting you. You’ve been out with your friends and flirting with the girls and getting all horny, but you decide that you are just too horny to go with someone new. You need the tried-and-true to ease your discomfort and take away the lust and hunger.
I open the door, all groggy and surprised to see you. But I don’t waste any time and I jump into your arms and give you a long, deep kiss to let you know how excited I am to see you.
You ask me why I’m dressed and starting ripping my clothes off. I tell you that I didn’t know you were coming over and you just tell me “shush”. So I let you finish tearing my clothes off and then you take me downstairs into my bedroom, and kick the door closed. You set me on the bed and then start to take your clothes off, as I watch. When you are naked, I get on my knees and inch my way over to your very hard, throbbing cock. I blow my hot breath along the length, which moves and twitches as I hit different spots. You tell me to stop and reach your hands to the back of my head and pull my face and waiting mouth onto your cock. You let me pick the speed to begin with, but that doesn’t last for long as you are tipsy and very horny and don’t want a lot of preliminaries tonight. So in a short time, I am taking as much of you as I can–gagging every now and then, as you go deeper and deeper with each thrust, totally enjoying the feel of my mouth on your cock.
But you decide I’m having too much fun, and that just won’t do. You tell me to stop and to get on the bed, where you roll me onto my knees and put pillows under my stomach and just sit back to admire the moment. You lean over my ass and back and whisper in my ear, “are you ready?” and then you start kissing and sucking on my neck as I can feel your cock pressing against my pussy and my ass. My pussy is so wet that you can feel it getting on your cock and you slide between my ass cheeks every time you come up by my ear. After a short time of this, you move down across my back until you get to my pussy, where you put both your hands on either side of my ass cheeks, and start to slowly lick my pussy, which is wet from wanting you. You run your tongue around the outside a couple of times and then push your long, hard tongue inside a couple of times, which makes me moan. Then you pull it out and run your tongue around the outside again before sticking it back into my pussy. Every now and then you move down to my clit and lick it and flick it and suck on it just to really make me moan.
By now I’m so frantic to feel you inside of me–anywhere–I’m moaning and talking quietly to you, begging you to fuck me because I’m so horny. Again, you tell me to “shush”, which I’m only half-listening to because I’m so horny and I want you so bad.
You finally take a finger and get it all lubed up and start push rub the outside of my ass with it, making it all slick and driving me crazy. You add even more lube and then push your finger into my ass making me push back against you just as firmly. I need to fuck you so bad right now but you’re just tormenting me, laughing at me.
But, you are just too worked up to play this game too long and you climb up behind me and put your cock in my waiting, wet pussy, and just let it sit there. I’m trying to push back against you–“convince” you to move inside me, but you’ve got your hands on my shoulders, you won’t let me move. After only about 30 seconds you start moving slowly and I’m writhing towards you and then when I least expect it you push harder and faster, which instantly makes me come. You tell me that it was too soon and I wasn’t given permission to come and now I’ll have to pay. But you can’t help yourself because you are so fucking horny, from all the flirting and drinking and thinking about all the fun we have, you give me a few more strokes and then you pull out–which makes me moan very loudly in disappointment–and you proceed to get your hard, wet cock more wet, by putting lots of lube on your cock–you know you are going to get rough and you want to be as gentle as possible, but you just have to have it.
So once you are ready you just lean into my ass and let the tip just sit on the outside for a minute and then slowly push in until just the tip is in…letting my sphincter muscles get used to the intrusion and let me relax and get ready for the ride. And I’m ready. You start pushing again and get about halfway in and then pull out until just the tip is in and then you lube your cock again, and then push back in, only a little further this time. You do this a couple of times–pulling almost all the way out, lubing your cock, and then pushing in farther with the next stroke. Until there’s nothing to do but pump and grind my ass. By now, I’m ready and want it so bad. You reach down and play with my clit as you start pumping my ass–longer, harder, deeper strokes, talking to me the whole time and telling me how good it feels and how hard you’re going to come in my ass, the whole time rubbing my clit with one hand and pulling me into you with the other hand on my shoulder. Before too long, you come like a rocket, taking me along with you until I feel like I’ve left my body. Eventually you fall on top of my back with a huge sigh and tell me how great it was and that you’re not done with me.

rm_bill4u34 45M

5/9/2006 11:41 pm

you got it down to a science. and been there before. i would listen to you all night long

Kokomo1963 replies on 5/10/2006 8:22 am:
Ya pretty good for someone that's never "been there before", huh?! LOL. That's just a wish that I'm going to make come true.

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