The power of positive thinking!  

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5/22/2006 4:07 pm

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The power of positive thinking!

It's amazing what happens when you don't try to dictate the direction of things and just be yourself. (Ladies, I'm pointing mostly to you...we're notorious for trying to control situations and men)
So I'm thinking that I've set up this weekend date with someone who has managed to catch my eye in a big way, even though I didn't want casual. Lots of talking and naughty talk, so I'm thinking I know what's-what, and although there was a definite interest on my part, for a chance for something more, the "ground rules" had been lined out and it was what it was.
Talk about not reading the signs! As well as underestimating someone...everything turned out the exact opposite as I had thought it would, but for the better.
Hollywood story of confirmed bachelor falling for the mysterious, older woman. Ok, well that's how it was in my mind! LOL. But I should have known where it would go because it was almost spooky right from the start (at least for me...but I'm a girl and we can make anything into a Harlequinn romance or Carrie-Part 10 story!) You'll have to either stop now or read this mushy drizzle...your choice!
I saw his picture and it was like I had seen him before...except we lived--and had lived--200+ miles apart for a very long time. So how could that be?, I know you're asking. Past lives maybe? Ok, I lost some of you, just kidding. I don't know what it was...I even asked him if we had met before (cheesy, but I really felt that way). And now this full-time Casanova is all mine! Go figure! And no, he doesn't have to change his spots, for those of you who are thinking disparaging things...the beauty of this site is that most of us have some kink in us--even us "can't-do-casual" girls. So now we can play together and just do the new relationship thing and figure out how to get as much time together as possible--from 235 miles away! Challenging, but anything worth having usually is.

So now I have to rearrange my entire profile--again--and I have not a clue how to word it. But it's the least of my concerns at this point. And who wants to hear about feelings and emotions and happiness and the l-word on a sex site? Too damn bad! Hopefully we're all eventually looking for that one true one. Life is too precious for casual, in my opinion. Nothing is better than having a successful relationship--and great, hot sex within that relationship!

Here's to you, Baby! Thank you for making it all happen. xxoo

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5/22/2006 5:35 pm


Kokomo1963 replies on 5/23/2006 8:55 am:
Thank you. I actually lived in Hobbs when I was a child! Small world. Thanks for the note.

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