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Knot4Everyone 40F
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4/29/2006 4:18 pm

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Name That Tune - Blog Style

This music project I'm working on has cause me to listen to tons of music lately. Lyrics have always been my thing (very similar to quotes) - I love them! I have decided to post a few lyrics from various songs to see if any of you can identify the song they were taken from. Are you up for the challenge? Okay, here we go!

1. "The bravest thing that I've ever done
was to run away and hide -
but not this time, not this time.
The weakest thing that I've ever done
was to stay right by your side
just like this time, and every time..."

2. "She was married when we first met,
soon to be divorced.
I helped her out of a jam I guess
but I used a little too much force..."

3. "If you forgot my number
I'll write it on your bedroom wall
and I'll paint the numbers ten feet high -
maybe then you'll give me a call..."

4. "If you believe in the power of magic -
it's all a fantasy.
So if you need to believe in someone,
just pretend it's me..."

5. "I don't need to be a global citizen
'cause I'm blessed by nationality.
I'm a member of a growing populous -
we enforce our popularity..."

6. "I wish I hadn't bought you dinner
right before you dumped me on your front porch..."

7. "Last night I crucified an old belief of mine,
then I told everybody that I could fly
and the whole damn world had said I'd lost my mind..."

8. "Something's wrong with my stars.
Could you look at my chart and help me heal these scars?
Could you learn to read minds?
In the case of mine - do you read in the dark?"

9. "A man walks down the street -
it's a street in a strange world.
Maybe it's the third world.
Maybe it's his first time around..."

10. "Nothing in life will ever come that easy,
doesn't mean it has to be that hard.
I know you will find out who you are..."

Okay - What songs are these lyrics to????

Good Luck!

TrapsTomesSteed 42M
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5/1/2006 7:47 am

#1 "Break Your Heart", Bare Naked Ladies
#9 "You Can Call Me Al", Paul Simon

Those were the only two I could get without cheating.

aascrompn 42M
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5/1/2006 1:32 pm

I suck at the names (and could cheat, but I'll give it a go)

1. By my favorite band BNL - goodbye

That's all I know... I suck at this (and other things)

alphuctup 40M

5/2/2006 8:26 am

Is #7 the birdie song?

Knot4Everyone 40F

5/2/2006 9:04 am

Not bad answers...
I will post the answers tomorrow!

goodguysneedit2 56M

5/3/2006 3:22 pm

I'm a songwriter and didn't recognize any of them..LOL

But..if you played about 3 seconds of each, I'd probably know them all!

Knot4Everyone 40F

5/3/2006 6:58 pm

(Drum roll please)

And the answers are...

1. Barenaked Ladies "Break Your Heart"
2. Bob Dylan "Tangled Up in Blue"
3. A is A (I don't know the song title, but I really like this song!)
4. Alan Parsons Project "Ammonia Avenue"
5. Bad Religion "American Jesus"
6. Ben Folds Five "Song for the Dumped"
7. Francis Dunnery "My Own Reality"
8. Grant Lee Buffalo "Honey Don't Think"
9. Paul Simon "You Can Call Me Al"
10. Dexter Freebish "Leaving Town"

Thanks for everyone for stopping by, especially those of you who left a comment!

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