Can you be happy and sad at the same time?  

Knot4Everyone 40F
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3/14/2006 3:43 pm
Can you be happy and sad at the same time?

I have been in a GREAT mood all day, bouncing around work without a care. I was almost on cloud nine - ALMOST. I'm usually in a good mood, but this was different. This was extreme.

Someone actually commented on it. "What's with you?" they asked. I said that I was happy, excited, depressed, and nervous. They just looked at me, wondering how I could be all thouse things at the same time. I explained that there were many things on my mind, and each one had a completely different feeling attached to it. This person just walked away, shaking his head.

You see, last night was a really bad for me. I do believe I have lost a friend, and that's not good. I was so distraught that I could barely move most of the night. My stomach ached for no physical reason. I even cried! I'm telling you it was terrible.

When I woke up this morning I was in a great mood! I had faint memories of a VERY good dream still in my head (barely - now I couldn't tell you what the dream was about). After being so upset last night I realized something. I realized that I had done nothing wrong, but I lost my friend anyway. My biggest fault in this friendship was being open and honest, trying to talk. I don't think that's a bad thing. If my friend can't handle this, then - I now realize - he wasn't much of a friend to begin with. The rest of my day was great!

I think you can be happy and sad at the same time. And it's a really weird sensation.

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