Do you have a fav. position??  

KlrSyn 51M
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1/26/2006 10:16 am

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9/11/2010 6:21 am

Do you have a fav. position??

Just a bit curious. Many people have a position that justs sends them right up a wall, rips their head off, and forces sleep afterwards.

I suppose I should go first. I really don't have a favorite position. At least I don't think so. Sexual interaction is so rare for me, hell I could stand on my head and love it.

What's your's?

SweetEmotions43 53F

4/3/2008 11:16 am

lol....had to let you know I truly chuckled at your own answer. I was going to say as we age upright is a blessing if we are lucky. But, I was referring to standing and

I knew what you were asking..but, still laughter is good for the soul! I just could not resist posting that thought! Hope ya chuckled back!

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