My BI Nephew  

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7/16/2006 12:49 pm

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My BI Nephew

I saw my best friend last night. We were at a pool party for her son's birthday. He will be turning 14 on Tuesday. My best friend told me that she had some stuff to tell me, but she couldn't say it in front of her husband. And he wouldn't leave her alone all night! Well, finally we got some time alone, and she told me that her son had told her that he thinks he might be bi. My friend is really hurting about this. She said she didn't ask him any questions, like what makes him think he might be bi. She didn't ask if anything might have triggered it. Basically, she just told him, OK. I know she has some talking to do with him, when she gets a chance. He obviously wanted to talk about it, or he wouldn't have brought it up with her. I just felt so bad that I couldn't help her out. I am the only person that she has told about this. I told her that she really needs to talk to her brother because his son seems totally gay! That's funny to me, because her brother is so redneck. He goes hunting, he's a big burly tattooed guy, who was the big jock in high school. I can just imagine how he feels about his son. And if he doesn't think he's gay, well..he's just in serious denial. Usually when my best friend tells me about something that's bothering her, I'm able to make her laugh it off. It didn't work this time and it made me cry to see her so upset about it.
Anyway...I know things have changed alot. It never surprises me to find out that someone is gay or bi. What bothered her the most is that she felt like she would never have least not from him. But we all know that's not necessarily true. Especially if he's bi and not gay. And...even if he's gay, he could still have kids. He could adopt..or find a surrogate..or sacrifice a night with a It's not the end of the world.

SirMounts 102M

7/16/2006 9:12 pm

Well, the main thing right now is that you are being a good friend to her.
A warm welcome to blogging, KittyOKane. *smiling*

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