Kitty Gets Her Ass Stuffed  

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8/20/2006 10:00 pm

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11/19/2006 8:01 pm

Kitty Gets Her Ass Stuffed

I'm sorry the webcam was acting up tonight. I was looking forward to giving you some live Kitty cunt. Don't worry, though, "Daddy" took some great pics, and we'll have them posted shortly. Until then, let me tell you about how my poor little asshole got the fucking of its life...

"Daddy" can be so mean sometimes. I got to his house wanting nothing more than to spread my slut legs wide and have him ravage my holes, but noooo ... we spent what felt like hours trying to get AdultFriendFinder's webcam service working, and he wouldn't let me so much as suck his dick while he worked on it. Once we realized the webcam was a lost cause, though, the fun began. "Daddy" told me to take off my clothes, and good little girl that I am, he didn't even have to tell me to put his cock in my mouth ‒ I just did what I knew would make him happy. I started by licking “Daddy’s” balls, letting my tongue run over one then the other, then dipping my tongue underneath to that delicious spot between his ass and his sac. I took his balls in my mouth, sucking lightly on each, my cunt moistening as he repeated his mantra: “That’s a good little slut. That’s my fuckdoll, lick my balls, just like that. That’s so good. You’re such a whore.” I knew my ass was his that night, so I moved to his cock itself, covering it with saliva as I orally worshipped his erect manhood. Sliding my lips down his shaft, I took “Daddy” all the way down my throat, desperately trying to please him like the girls in the dirty videos “Daddy” lets me watch. Bobbing up and down like a cheap street whore trying to get her client’s rocks off in time for another five bucks, I almost missed the next command. “Stick your fingers in your ass,” “Daddy” whispered, “get ready for my cock, slut.” Instinct took over, and I removed my mouth from his dick just long enough to slide it into my mouth to moisten my middle finger. I plunged my digit deep into my ass, just as I stuffed “Daddy’s” cock back down my throat. A natural overachiever, I slipped another finger into my pink puckered hole, knowing that soon it would be torn apart by “Daddy’s” fat cock head. “How many fingers are in your ass,” he asked. When I answered, “Two,” he demanded I put another one in. Squeezing a dollop of lube into my little hand, he instructed me to prepare my asshole. I tried, I promise I tried, but it was just too difficult! I apologized profusely, and “Daddy” took pity on me, instead telling me to turn around and show him my fingers buried deep in my ass. I obeyed, and that’s when I felt “Daddy’s” dick pressed against my tiny opening. In one quick thrust, he was buried to the hilt, and I was overcome with a feeling of incredible fullness. “Can you cum this way,” he asked, “or do you need to finger yourself?” As though I would need anything but what “Daddy” gave me in order to cum. But coherence flew out the window then, as my ass was pounded and my vocabulary diminished to consist of six words: Fuck. My. Ass. Harder. Oh. God. “Daddy” told me my ass was so tight, and I writhed in pleasure. Squeezing my shit canal tightly around his cock, I gave in to the delirious joy of having my asshole plundered. “I’m going to cum in your asshole, bitch. You want that?” “Oh yes, please, please cum in my little whore ass. I’m your little fuckdoll, your personal slut. Use my ass, cum in me, fill my cheap slut ass with your cum.” And benevolent “Daddy” that he is, he did. Shooting rope after rope of thick cum into my dark hole, “Daddy” baptized my asshole with his “Daddy” juice. “Thank you,” I murmured. “Thank you.”

But words were not enough, so after “Daddy” recovered, I crawled between his legs to thank him like the cock loving cum bitch I am. His cock still slick with my fuck juice, I licked my way down to his ass cheeks. Sliding my tongue inside, I fucked his asshole while stroking his dick. I reamed his shithole, glorying in his musky, masculine scent and taste. But unable to further deny myself the taste of his cock, I replaced my tongue with a finger, stroking the inside of his asshole as I lavished his prick with attention. Wrapping my small hand around the base of “Daddy’s” cock, I slowly fucked his asshole as my mouth slid up and down the head of his dick. “Just like that. Don’t you dare stop, slut. I want to feel your finger in my ass and your tongue better not stop licking my cock.” Afraid that I would disappoint “Daddy,” I forced my hand to keep stroking him though my muscles ached. “It’s not your place to complain, whore. I’m going to cum in your mouth and on your pretty little face, so you better not stop.” Not able to bear making “Daddy” angry, I steeled my resolve and continued with my task. I was soon rewarded, as “Daddy’s” rhythm increased and his balls filled with the sweet nectar that would soon bathe my face. Within seconds, he exploded into my mouth, and I pulled back to let “Daddy’s” cum decorate my slutty face. I rubbed his cock all over my mouth and my cheeks, and his cum continued to spurt onto my tits and my neck, a few precious drops landing in my hair. I looked so beautiful, my face glistening with “Daddy’s” sperm and pearly droplets sliding down my neck. “You’re such a good fuckdoll. We’re going to have so much fun,” “Daddy” said. And that’s when I knew that I had found my place in the world ‒ on my knees, with “Daddy’s” cock in my face. For that, dear “Daddy,” I will be eternally grateful.

rm_chuck9608 59M
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8/25/2006 10:59 am

I agree with Shyguy you know how to put a woodie on a guy...hahahee I'd like to put mine in you and have your DADDY watch as I fill you to the brim.................What fun we would have.

KittyAnalSub 34F

8/25/2006 1:19 pm

send an email - Daddy is looking for men to fuck her loopy

natascam 40M

9/12/2006 10:15 pm

the story is excellent. wow, I'd love to see more.

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