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KittyAnalSub 33F
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8/23/2006 8:01 pm

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11/19/2006 8:02 pm

Kitty's Fantasy

I'm horny, and "Daddy" isn't available, so I've been reading nasty stories online and fucking my little fingers in and out of my dripping cunt. And you know what? I have an idea. Oh, I know it's "Daddy's" job to have ideas, and that I shouldn't touch my slutty pussy without his permission, but I can't help it. I'm a dirty cock whore. And what's my idea, you ask?

I want to be covered in cum.

Lots of it. I want "Daddy" to take me to a hotel room and invite the nice men who have been so kind as to e-mail me with pictures of their very hard cocks. I want "Daddy" to slowly strip me naked, lay some towels on the bed, and then lay me on top of them, spreading my arms and legs apart and tying me to the bed. I'm a bad girl, you see, and I need to be tied up sometimes. Then I want the nice men to take off their clothes and show me their growing dicks. I love watching men get hard from imagining the filthy things they want to do to me. Then I want them to rub their thick cocks all over my naked body, leaving trails of their pre-cum on my tits, my stomach, my dripping whore pussy. "Daddy" will tell each of them they get 5 minutes in which ever hole they choose, but only 5 minutes, and they are not to cum. Not yet. Some will be shy, and they'll shove their dicks in my mouth, some letting me lick and suck on their cocks and balls, others using the 5 minutes to furiously my mouth. The slightly more daring men will approach my pussy, some wanting to give me pleasure, others engaged in an unspoken contest to see whose cock can penetrate my cunt the deepest. But the boldest men ‒ and these are my favorite ‒ they’ll do what is necessary to ensure that their 5 minutes count. They ask “Daddy” to untie my legs, because they want to split open my asshole with their monstrous fuck sticks. “Daddy” knows how much I love having my ass stuffed, so of course he’ll say yes. Untying my legs, he’ll personally hold them to my chest as cock after raging cock plows into my bowels. “Daddy” says I’m the best anal fuck he’s ever had. Will you be one of the ones to find out? I’ll moan, I’ll scream as the inevitable orgasms overcome me, and like the fuckslut I am, I’ll beg for me. My asshole will gape open as my dripping cunt leaks my whore-juice into ass crack. Three of the men will get lucky. They’ll get to relieve their sperm-filled balls in one of my holes. But how to choose? Simple. “Daddy” will choose the thickest for my pussy, the longest for my asshole, and the most pathetic looking for my mouth. After all, even losers deserve to have fun once in a while. First “Daddy” will lower me onto the cock that gets my ass, then cunt-fucker will slide his cock into my twat. Finally, my mouth and throat will be filled with dick as well. These men will cum quickly. The spectacle of seeing me so abused will be too much for them to handle. Once my throat, ass, and cunt are filled with lovely man-spunk, the rest of the boys will get their turn. One by one, “Daddy” will order the rest to jack off over my exposed cum-slut body. Some he’ll tell to cum on my face, others will decorate my tits and stomach, still others will shoot their sticky loads onto my shaved pussy and down my legs. Once each man has discharged himself and told me what a filthy cum rag I am, they will be asked to leave. Slowly the crowd will thin, until only “Daddy” and me are left in the room. Gently, “Daddy” will remove the last of my restraints, careful to preserve the masterpiece that is my cum-drenched body. He’ll slowly lead me to bathroom, where he’ll order me to get in the tub. For the first time, I’ll see that “Daddy’s” cock is straining against his pants. Watching his little girl get used by strangers has made him want to degrade me even more. So instead of turning on the shower, “Daddy” will unzip his pants and bring out his erect dick. Standing over me, he’ll let out a stream of piss that will slowly and deliberately wash away the other men’s semen. Starting at my tits, he’ll slowly work his way down to my clit, spraying his hot piss onto my sensitive little girl parts as I writhe and moan with lust. Once his bladder is emptied, he’ll demand that I suck him off, that I lick his cock clean and make him cum. He demands that I tell him how much I love his cum, how no other cock will ever satisfy me like his does, how I have been branded as his fuckdoll and am completely under his control. Then I’ll show him my gratitude. Taking his balls into my mouth, I’ll gently suck each one, then slide around his legs to tongue his asshole, all the while sliding my hand up and down his dick. “I’m going to fuck your throat now,” he’ll say, and I’ll obediently offer my mouth to him. Within moments, “Daddy” will flood my mouth with his hot, delicious cum, and before I swallow, he’ll make me open my mouth to show him how sexy I look with his special milk in my slut mouth. At his command, I swallow, orgasming as I recall each cock that ravaged my helpless body that evening. And then, then “Daddy” turns on the shower, letting the jets of warm water cascade over my exhausted body, washing away the evidence of the night’s fun, all the while knowing that the true mark can never be washed away. Because I am his little girl, his whore, and nothing can ever make that go away.

aim2please4fun00 41M

8/23/2006 9:32 pm

Fucking A!!!!....When am I going to get a chance to ram my 8 inch cock in your ass????

aim2please4fun00 41M

8/27/2006 11:00 am

That whore still needs a lot more cum on her face

rm_vonsexus 43M

9/5/2006 11:26 am

I believe it's time we met.

cblazinb 44M/41F

9/8/2006 4:45 pm

You fucking dirty little whore. I would love to cum all over your fucking playground about three times for you and then cum in your ass last.

natascam 40M

9/12/2006 10:15 pm

you have to tell me when you're on cam. I have to see if you are real. it's unbelievable.

lookerndaeyes 46M
6 posts
9/15/2006 9:13 am

OMFG!!! I have never traveled out of SA for some pussy and ass, but you got me in your hooks now. I defintely want to join in an ass banging of your slutty body. Have Daddy get back to me on when and where I might be able to join him in degrading you.

rm_atx1ofAkind 41M/31F

11/18/2006 11:47 pm

Imagine a perfect obidient vixen to play full out and satisfy dark desires. She is eagar to learn the realm of BDS&M. tasteful, trained submissive, but pure & kind. These eyes are to kill for. you would be lucky if many share her further... Her Master is the boss and if you want to play with Kitty & her BDS&M Master. You need to show Him respect and some gratitude that he is willing to even share her with you. She is a killer submissive and has eyes and a voice of an angel. For my self as a BDS&M Master who enjoyed dominating my own slave as well as Kitty, I expect any party who plays with my slaves to be fucking respectful to the Master. I will say that "Daddy" would appreciate at least a Thank You for offering this 1ofakind submissive. Qoute by Kitty....I want "Daddy" to take me to a hotel room and invite the "NICE" men who have been so kind as to e-mail me with pictures of their very hard cocks. We miss the both of you and will see you soon. Did you get an invite from Catatomic about the next party? Give us a buzz. J&L

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